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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I love karaoke...

How many dang tests do they want us to go through?! On the first day of the week and there are a few tests waiting for you. Well, I'm still stuck with the flu, but it's already much better, only a slight cough now and then and a slightly blocked nose. We went to KFC near school after school today. I got myself a Meltz set (vegetables, tacos and chicken chunks in a piece of folded pita bread) which costed me approximately RM9. At first we were to go to a shop where it's curry's very nice, but then we couldn't find it so we wandered around and argued almost continuously over what we should eat. some of us wanted to eat vegetarian, some wanted to eat pastries. To take care of the conflict, we finally decided on KFC.
It's Tuesday and there's pasar malam (night market) today! Yay! Before that, I bathed Sir Duke Lancelot aka Latte Shoopuf (my American Cocker) and trimmed the fur hanging from his ears as they were always getting in his food and water and they get dirty easily, and the fur tends to get tangled very easily. Well, it went rather well, except a tiny pinch on his ear with the barber's layering scissors which made him growl and shake like mad. After a while of comforting, I got his ear back over the wastepaper basket (to catch the cut fur) and finished up the job. After vacuuming the floor of all fur and bathing (to wash off all the fur that made me feel like a puppy myself), I had a rather short nap on the three-seater downstairs till my mum came back from work. She told us that we were going to pasar malam after dinner. We ate dinner, got ready then set out on foot. As we made our way past the bustop, I saw a figure which looked like a teenage boy. I thought, 'He should be a Form 1 student.' Then I looked more carefully (it was quite dark already) at the sillouhette looking at me and I realized that it was HIM! He was wearing a black cap, blue shirt and dark blue bermudas I think (I told you, it was dark and I was too nervous to look at him for too long). While I was just starting to savour the moment, my sister pushed me forward saying that my aunt was behind and moving toward us, and we would like to have as little to do with her as possible. But he was just so cute...
I like rock music, especially Japanese rock because they can mix lots of instruments together and although it sounds a llittle noisy, I sounds really nice. And since most of my 'idols' and my favourite songs (which were performed by my 'idols', who will be posted on my other blog, involve guitars and electric guitars, I decided to take up the electric guitar, with my parents' consent, that is. My sis took me to Endah Parade to check out the guitar prices and also to get some comics. We got to the music store, the girl there told us that a really basic guitar cost RM140++, while the electric guitar promotion set cost RM560++ (including the guitar itself, the guitar bag/case and the amplifier). She also told us that it would be better to learn the classical guitar first because it would be easier to move to the accoustic or electric. After thanking her, we made our way to the comic shop, which was not open yet, so we went to McDonald's for lunch. I had a Spicy Chicken McDeluxe set while my sister had a beef burger. Halfway through eating, we saw my sister's ex-stalker boyfriend. It seemed that he followed her from school after basketball practice all the way home and asked why didn't she tell him that she had basketball practice. The way he acted gave me the impression that he was trying so show my sister that he was doing fine and thriving without her. Well, somehow guys can't be trusted so much. After lunch we got back to the comic shop, got some comics then made our way home. We bathed, our sister came back, she bathed and started to practice on her recorder (the thing something like a flute) till evening. After dinner, she still went on practicing. It's driving me CRAZY!!! On top of that, the flu turned into a cough. I got the anime 'Air Gear' from my friend today. Its about this boy Ikki and his journey to be the best with ATs (Air Treks, a kind of motor powered skates that lets you 'fly'). It does have moral like friendship, etc but in a way its kinda vulgar.
We planned my friend's birthday today. Her fatherhad booked a room in Neway Karaoke, Berjaya Times Square, and the birthday was to be celebrated there. We, well, I planned to make a cake for her (please note that this is my first time making a cake by myself). I asked what cake she wanted among my mum's famous kuih lapis (layer cake), a normal sponge cake with butter cream, a strawberry shortcake, walnut cake and others. She chose the walnut cake. I personally really like the walnut cake, but the recipe seemed rather complicated, and it involved a meringue. When I got home, I asked my mum for permission to go to Times Square with them even though I knew that the chances were slim, maybe 30% only, as Times Square was in the city. She rejected and ended the rejection with 'if you anything happens, its your funeral'.
The next day was the sending off of our 'beloved' headmistress who is retiring. It was really boring as she had lots to say about our grades, discipline, etc. And there were also other teachers who wanted to give speeches, but with HIM in view it wasn't as boring, but how much better it would be if I had a laptop with all my songs in it and I could connect some headphones to it and listen to my songs (please note that I have over 600 songs summing up to about 2.8GB, mostly Japanese and expanding). After that, we had about 2 hours in the classroom where we had our Chinese test. After the test, the real (?) ceremony of the sending off began. Our headmistress acted as if tears of emotion were pouring from her eyes, but when she passed us, I saw that her face was pristinely dry. Talk about crocodile tears. After school was over, a few of my friends and I stayed back as there was an interview for the applicants who applied to enter the Editorial Board of the school for the year. We waited for approximately 2 hours then our senior came to tell us that we could go home as there was too many of us and too little time. Well, one of my friends who stayed back for the interview with us went home while the others went to my friend's shop, picked her up then went to the bookstore nearby to ask the pricing of a few select DVDs (real people movies and anime). In the end we didn't ask for the price because we were both too chicken to just ask a couple of guys a couple of questions. We walked toward my house to make the cake, stopped by The Store nearby to get the walnuts and butter (we replaced the walnuts with hazelnuts as there were no walnuts available). We walked the rest of the journey to my house. When we got back, we rested for a while then started making the cake. In the process, I broke my mum's plastic mixing bowl. xP The meringue took 1 hour as the egg white and sugar had to be whipped will stiff and it was you-turn-the-bowl-over-and-it-stays-in-the-bowl stiff. By any means we made the cake successfully, well almost, because I used the inappropriate baking tin. Instead of using the normal cake tin, I used the layer cake tin. Therefore, I made four black cookies on the bottom of my oven. After that, we transferred the cooled hazelnut cake into a container so that my friend could take it home and make the words.. Well then, in a way they convinced my mum that it was safe to go to Times Square. Millions of thanks to them because its the first time I've been to Times Square with friends and the first time going for karaoke.
I woke up at 8.45am the next morning, cleaned up and waited for my friend to arrive. I waited till 10am, which was the time she arrived. I took her around the house, got ready then went downstairs to wait for the others to come pick us up. (I wore an empire waist summer dress then my mum said it was too exposing, so I changed into a pair of jeans with a long T-shirt, those large ring earrings, a crucifix for my third ear piercing, very light make up). My friend's mum dropped us off at the LRT station in Bukit Jalil. We met up with the rest of the gang there. We got our tickets, went to the platform and waited for the train to come. Meanwhile, everyone in the gang was teasing me, calling me 'mummy' because of the earrings I think, and I was lucky not to wear the dress as everyone else was dressed rather casually. We got off at station Hang Tuah, made our way on foot there and went shopping for a short while before we went for karaoke. On the way, we passed by the main branch of i-SOCKS in the building. The gothic-lolita outfits looked so nice, and there were The GazettE posters in there to promote the outfits. Oh, how I hope that I get a job soon, earn money and thrive on life while I'm still young (I'm thinking to highlight my hair dark blue, dark purple and magenta, then get my eyebrow and lip pierced, a few extra piercings on the ears, and maybe a few tattoos to cover the scars on my back xP). We successfully made our way to Neway Karaoke. We were led to our room, we ordered our food, picked our songs and sang our hearts out. Technically speaking, that was the best time of my life so far, so many heartfelt thanks to all my friends who gave me this chance. We sang till about 4.30pm (I told my mum that I would be back at approximately 4pm), then went to take the kind of photo stickers where you take it in a booth at a fixed price. The birthday girl's dad came to pick us up at approximately 6.15pm. It was about 6.30pm when I got home and I got a brief scolding from my mum. It's lucky she doesn't know what I bought because she would more or less kill me for it (I bought the Japanese version Hana Kimi DVD).
That's it. i'm now listening to 'Private Emotion' by Ricky Martin featuring Meja (pronounced may-ha).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fried Egg Spaghetti?

The exams are drawing ever nearer and I'm still fooling around, as in not really studying, but now at least I understand the concept of trigonometry and a little about linear equations and inequalities.
Monday, we had classes as usual, but this time, our Civics teacher said she would teach History to us since the whole Civics syllabus has been taught and she was a real History expert. I hadn't brought any History-lesson-related books that day although she had told us that she intended to teach History this week. Thankfully, many people hadn't finished their exercises and she had us finish the exercises till the end of the lesson. After the whole day of lessons, we (a few friends and me) went to my friend's bak kut teh (pork in herb soup usually served with rice) shop near school. I had two wonderfully delicious bowls of curry beehun mee that summed up to RM8, equal to one serving of bak kut teh. After that, I walked home at a wanderer's pace as the weather was hot.
Tuesday, I started making a food list with my partner (the food that I like), and as I talked with my other friends about food, the list lengthened to 130 types of food and beverages (mostly food). I'm going to post that on my other blog, go visit!
Some Miss Eight suggested that we give some money to celebrate a couple of teachers' birthdays, mainly our Science teacher and Chinese teacher. And she said that 'All of us should show our gratitude because they have taught us and helped us so much!' I say that it's all bullshit. First of all, celebrating someone's birthday and giving them presents also depends on whether you're willing to and whether you really care, and honestly, I don't give a crap. Yeah, they've taught us, but without our own will-power we wouldn't have learnt anything at all. Plus more, our Chinese teacher who has been teaching me for approximately 3 years has been picking on me all these years, saying that my hair is outrageously out of hand, etc., so since I don't like her, what's the point of giving her something unwillingly. Yes, I'll show as much gratitude as I can because all in all, they are my teachers, but there's a limit to everything (except the Universe).
I'm reading 'I, Cleopatra' right now, telling the story of Queen Cleopatra (although I forgot which one). I actually read it once before when I was in Primary 4, but then it got boring halfway through and I gave up reading it. I'm really interested in Egyptian stuff, especially Hieroglyphics and the Pharaohs. I've checked my lyrics stock with my music stock. I have over 300 songs and yet I only have 117 sets of lyrics. So from now on, I have to look for more lyrics. Keke...
Since I'm learning Japanese by myself, I have a Japanese words book which currently contains over 400 entries of simple Japanese phrases, mostly copied from the weekly magazine I purchase every week, although my Japanese godmother will say that it's not all that reliable since it's most probably for the general, and usually not something 'a young girl like me' should use. All my friends say that I'm mad, the exams are coming up and you're not studying and learning a language that you're not going to use very often.
Since that desk cleaning time, I found lots of photos that I've neglected for quite a long time. I've arranged them all but I've forgotten when they were taken so they're in quite a mess. But I did get to sort them out properly. More Japanese drama advertisements are being shown on the channel that my grandmother watches every night. One of them is called 'ヒミツの花園' (The Secret Garden) that's about a girl who celebrated her birthday every year alone then met four comic artist brothers, and since then life went topsy-turvy. How I'd like to watch it, but unfortunately, my mother has unsubscribed to the package that contained that particular channel which airs it. I've a couple other Japanese dramas that I'm interested in. One is '下弦の月' (The Last Quarter) starring Takarai Hideto (HYDE from L`Arc~en~Ciel), the other one is 'Moon Child' starring Camui Gackt and Takarai Hideto. I've watched 'Moon Child' on Youtube but I still can't understand a few certain parts of the movie, and now that my Internet audio has gone haywire, I can't hear any audio from websites that are specially designed to play videos and/or music. Grr....
Anyone likes Milo? It's the delicious chocolate malt drink that keeps you going throughout the day (?). Anyway, every once in a while I'll make a deliciously sweet iced version of it. Instead of just adding ice to the normal concoction and diluting the whole chocolatey flavour, I add more Milo powder (about 5-6 level tsps), just enough hot water to dilute the powder, two large tsps of sweetened creamer or condensed milk, fill the rest of the cup with cold water, stir then add ice up to the rim. Let the ice melt a bit then enjoy. Since I've been having lots of cold things for the past week and lots of air-conditioned nights, I'm down with the flu. A stuffed and running nose and a really sore throat. Luckily its the weekend.
I'm having really wierd dreams these days. Just last night I dreamt of a guy wearing a thong... This shows how dirty my thought are... Yuk... I love ginger juice with honey...
I'm having fried egg spaghetti tonight made by my sis. I'm now listening to ‘奕想天开’by 陈奕.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The first day of school of the week and I have difficulties clipping my hair up. As our co-curricular head told us to clip up our rather long fringes, toward the back of the head, with my short fringe it proved a challenge. After a few attempts, I gave up and waited for my classmate to come to help me clip it up, talk about being useless. Well, in the end I did get it clipped up, but toward the end of the day I looked like a lunatic who escaped from an asylum. The next day and so on were the same, until my other friend told me that since my fringe was short enough and doesn't really hang in the eyes, I could just leave it and push it slightly further up with a bit of water on my fingers. My 'love luck' is NOT improving as the days go by. Although there are more moments when I could walk nearer him, it still sucks. But at least I'm not as obsessed with him than I used to be.
Went to the nearby Endah Parade recently, my sis drove us both there. We drove along, she made a wrong turn and wanted to make a U-turn at the T-junction. She forgot to leave a little turning angle and almost hit the three motorcyclists waiting for the traffic light. I almost had the cramps. I was like, OK, that was REALLY close... The driver of a BMW coupe who was also waiting for the traffic light got down of the car at one point to see if a gruesome, bloody and gory accident had happened. Finally she found a parking space in the housing estate nearby, it was a back lane and there was a large drain hole at the junction turning into the lane. This time, she almost hit the car parked in front of her, but with a hard JAM onto the brakes, she managed to preserve our lives. xP Anyway, we went into the complex, went straight to the comic store and got some comics, for her and me (please note that I had rejected her offer to get me some comics a few times).
The Genting class trip plans are almost ready, but there are still a few little details that are still being discussed, such as ... I dunno, I didn't really pay attention to what they were saying. Anyway I paid the deposit and have 100% registered (or rather 'booked') a place for myself. Some of them are bringing a sibling or a parent, one of them is bringing her dad and her bro. So much for a holiday.
My godparents came at 11am today, to visit and also to give us the souvenirs (tasty snacks) from their trip from Macau (China). After a few moments of settling in, my godfather took us (my sis, my godmother, my grandmother and I) for lunch. At first we wanted to go to a nearby hawker stall, but then it would be very packed since it was near lunch hour. So, we decided to go to Salak South's Fatty Mok Hakka Yong Tau Foo. We had a bowl of noodles each and a few bits of yong tau foo (vegetables or such stuffed with fish then cooked). I had a delicious bowl of curry chicken bee hun and mee... Deeeeeeliciouss... After we finished, we 'analyzed' a Chinese character which contained four other characters. After that, my godfather suggested we go for ice kacang. We all looked at him wide-eyed, until he said that maybe we bought back some. The best ice kacang exists in Old Town Petaling Jaya, a little further down from the bus station at Jalan Othman. Auntie Peggy and her husbnd sells the ice kacang there, and since my godfather was born and raised there, he was familiar with Auntie Peggy. Her ice kacang is deeeeelicioussss!!!! There are none of the large chunks of sago and no large kidney beans instead of the red beans that should be used. It's a really heavenly thing... It's a food court beside the market. I think that's it. I'm not really sure of the exact location as I don't really watch out for road signs. I'll let you know when I find out the exact location and the name of the shop. After that, we went to The Store near home because, according to my grandmother, there was no more vegetables and she wanted to stir-fry some vegetables for my godparents as they rarely have home-cooked food (my godmother doesn't exactly cook and doesn't let my godfather cook because he makes a mess and doesn't clean up after himself). We got some cucumbers, come xiaobaicai, a slab of chicken breast meat and a couple of packets of Japanese tofu.
We got home, my grandmother started to boil soup (deliciously healthy Chinese herb soup) and prepare dinner, my godparents slept, my sis played PC games, my other sis play PS2 games while I sorted out my photos which I extracted from my desk after emptying everything from the drawers. The photos were last years, of weddings and birthdays, the usual. Now, to the process of the desk cleaning. I was telling myself for over a couple of months already to clean my desk, because everything was in a totally chaotic state, even the things in the drawers. so what I did was, I pulled out the right drawer, extracted everything from it and wiped it clean (lots of splinters, hair and dust, not to mention cobwebs), then set it aside. I pulled out the other drawer, and did the same which I did with the right drawer. I extracted everything that I didn't want or was already broken but kept for nothing and threw them into a plastic bag as trash. I also extracted all the useless pieces of paper between everything and stuffed them into a paper bag that was used to send the things that I ordered my postal order. After that, I sorted everything (notebooks, stickers, temporary tattoos, letter stationary, etc.) and replaced them in the drawers. After replacing the drawers with their respective contents, I somehow rearranged everything from my desktop and replaced everything much more neater than before. So now I have a rather clean and neat desk.
I've just finished a book called 'Pain', which is about how the pain medicine evolved from the normal kind to a pain killer that killed even the most agonizing pain, Opain. But this pain killer had a side effect. Any patient who orally consumes Opain, he or she will get obsessed with pain, thus breaking their own bones and inflicting as much pain on themselves as possible.
Our form and art teacher has had us make a name tag for ourselves with our own name. We get a piece of card with our names printed on them, we cut the letters out, then trace it backwards on a piece of perspect plastic (I think), cut out the letters again then he'll help us spray it with the colors of our choice. I got mine in purple, blue and black. I looked quite nice, but then when I got home and took my bath, my dog got ahold of it and, fortunately, bit off only a little corner of the whole thing, and it didn't affect the words. If it did, you shall hear nothing of me ever again.
We had our 'intensive tests' this week, which is actually test papers from other states (in which the questions are different).
I'm now listening to 'Call Me When You're Sober' from Evanescence.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My bloody miserable life

Sunday, we celebrated our Dukie's birthday (real name -- Duke, species -- American Cocker Spaniel, gender -- male, age -- one year [7 dog years, he needs to attend primary school]). He was born 1 September 2007, brought back home in the start of November, and effectively trained by moi. Hehe. My aunt (actually my mom's mom's brother's daughter) bought him a pandan chiffon cake and a few chewsticks as a little birthday present. He ate 1/3 of the cake, the rest was shared by the other family members. Keke...
This week was rather miserable. (Search 'Mizerable' - Gackt on Imeem xP) On the first day, our form teacher told us (the whole class) to see him in the art studio. After the weekly assembly, we gathered in the studio. The reason he wanted to see us was because my classmate had used a phone in class, and also because of the many complaints from other teachers saying that we were very noisy. For an unknown reason, he told us (those who HAD brought their phones on that day) to give up our phones as temporary 'hostages', which, unfortunately, included mine. After telling us to give up our phones, scarily, my other classmate (who is always late) SMSed me to tell me to tell the person in charge of taking the attendance of the girls in class that she would be late today, and not to mark her as absent. Surely, not to get punished further, I gave up my phone and put it right beside the EbiTako's (EBI Japanese for shrimp, TAKO Japanese for octopus, referring to the guy in class that resembles this description). After that, our 'DEAR' form teacher told us a lot of stuff. He also mentioned that he would be more 'aggressive' during the fasting month for Muslims. Halfway through scolding us, my classmate-who-is-always-late showed up, causing great shock for my form teacher, the person in charge of female attendance for our class and me alike. From what we remembered, she said she was 'gantung' (suspended) from school for 5 days. After a while, he allowed everyone except 7 GIRLS (including me, as always) to go back to class (please note that one hour has passed). He said we will lose our chance to take the PMR exam if we made anymore mistakes and will monitor the class status of every subject with 'spies' of his own.
After getting back to class (with my phone safely back in my pocket *whew~*), my always-late-to-school classmate said that the suspension thing was a joke, which really made me ALMOST blow my top (broken English). As I have mentioned, it's now the fasting month for Muslims and, as a Malay school, our school times are shortened just a little. And the biggest worry is that our class is right opposite the surau, where many Malays hang out during recess. The main worry is that our bags have been gone through a few times (one or two things missing per time, money and valuables, mostly), and during the Muslims' prayer time while we were in the Science lab.
After a few peaceful days, he summoned those who had not passed up their Science Trial Exam corrections (regardless whether you have finished it). In this incident, I lent mine to my classmate a few days back as she hadn't finished hers yet. On that day, she still hadn't finished it yet, and naturally, I hadn't gotten it back from her, so I'm guilty as well. We got lectured again, this time given a deadline of 40 minutes to finish our work (please note that some of us hadn't even started). My always-late-to-school classmate seemed very relaxed despite the threat of losing a major qualification that might help us in our careers in the future, and she herself said she would like to become a very successful businesswoman. Since I had finished mine long ago, I helped the others with theirs, which DID NOT include helping them copy. Thank you.
Friday, our class representative (?) went on stage to announce that the coming Saturday is the International Understanding Day (IU Day) and there would be students from Mexico and other in-country (?) schools visiting our school for the event. That day, our Malay teacher was absent and our class monitor was to 'watch over' our class for the second period of the two periods. The first period was taken charge by the Science teacher next door, who kept us busy with helping him mark some papers. During the second period, we (a few girls and I, but mostly them) asked around class to confirm who was definitely going to the CLASS trip after the PMR exam, destination -- Genting Highlands. So far, there are only a few less than 20 people going. While they planned the room distribution (4 pax per room), we (most of the other girls in our gang) played, read magazines and did our homework.
I've made a study schedule for myself, but somehow its quite hard to stick to it. I'm also finding it hard to learn 2 languages at a time (not French, Korean and Japanese). Thinking of things to write into a blog also proves to be quite hard!I got my haircut on Saturday. I wanted a long, 50% slanted fringe and a slightly shorter, layered back. Instead, the barber (who is, in fact, quite good-looking xP) cut a normal and only slightly fringe and layered my back so much that it was so light!! After he was done (a really painful process), I had beautifully (*~vomit--~*) straight and rather bouncy hair with a stubborn fringe that wouldn't stay off my face. That's it for this weeks entry.. Bye bye!!