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C'est moi

I forgot how I started blogging, but the need to record all my feelings and everyday happenings slowly gave way to recording only the actual big events that happen in life.

I'm a Rooster Libra baby who's a city-girl (I live in Kuala Lumpur) who pretty much dislikes being too up close and personal with nature. Yes, that includes grass.

My thoughts revolve around romanticizing melancholic thoughts, as well as sexualizing romance. People who know me personally will know how inappropriate I can get on a normal day. If you see me on the street, I'm usually bare-faced, have terrible fashion sense, and have a chronic resting bitch face. If you see me on the road, I drive a Satria Neo that's basically just held together by all the dirt and grime accumulated over the years at this point.

No, I will not regret my tattoos. Yes I will be getting more tattoos if I feel like it in the future. Yes, I have a tramp stamp that I also do not regret. My bottom line is to have pondered over that tattoo idea for at least a year, and if it still means something to me, I'm getting it.

Please feel free to cringe at my teenage angst posts about family woes and whiny complaints, as well as my cheesy love posts dedicated to exs.

From now on, I'll probably post about an average of 2-10 posts a year, depending on whether I have anything really big going on in life that I feel the need to broadcast it to the world. Until then!

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