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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Our first year

I'm blogging less and less, partially because I run out of inspiration halfway through a post and give up on it, and also because I have nothing in particular to blog about. However...

On 8th March 2014, he became the first person to ask me to be his girlfriend, while holding my hand. Other relationships started over a screen, regardless of the platform in which it happened, and all followed with a very awkward first meeting - yes, first meeting.

Our celebration of the occasion was partially unplanned - we planned dinner back where he made me his then-very-much-mushy girlfriend, but the later part of the night was planned during the dinner itself. I made him a little spiral bound relationship journal, chronicling our year together (of which my forgetful self did not photograph).

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We both agreed that the baked rice there was our favorites, and we had that with a side of baked mussels. I had just planned on dinner, but an anniversary date wouldn't have been complete without a romantic date to somewhere with a lot of lights.

Digital light displays.
We planned to visit i-City after our Sekinchan trip, but we more or less just stayed home and collapsed sleeping after that trip, and it was the perfect occasion.

I don't think I'm the only girl who's ever fantasized of having a romantic date in the evening surrounded by lights, then imagining a camera panning around you like in an Asian drama. However, it was a weekend and it was packed.

MYR10 per ride per person. They take a photo of you before you get on (if you're attractive), then you can pay another MYR30 for one photo, or MYR50 for a photo and keychain printed with your photo.
Our relationship was filled with a lot of firsts, especially on my side. This was the first time I officially dressed up for an anniversary dinner, went to i-City, and took a ride on such a tall Ferris wheel. I don't really have an issue with heights, but blame Final Destination and for putting paranoia into my psychology.

But it was thrillingly romantic while it was terrifying for me. I guess one part of being a healthy couple is to leverage off the psychological fear of Ferris wheels of your partner and keep jokingly threaten to rock the entire cart a la Morita Shinobu in Honey and Clover.

We walked around, took a lot of photos. I wanted one of the Ferris wheel photos, by the way, but MYR30 just for a photo in a cheesy cardboard frame seemed a little bit too expensive.

Queen of bear statues and peeking belly fat LOL
One part of the entire area was more of a family-friendly park, with double-decker carousel (!!!) and a fish-feeding pond. Walking around that area, and some areas in Genting Highlands is a bit nostalgic. I haven't been completely deprived of such privileges as a child, but I didn't get it as much as other kids in school that bragged about playing with snow and all that. Hell, I only knew shisha existed on a rather embarrassing occasion during foundation.

Call me emotional, or melodramatic, or whichever adjective that floats your boat. The whole night I was close to tears - after everything that we've been through, all the arguments and everything... we were there, having dinner together as a symbolic gesture for our first year together.

I gave him his present after we finished our food, and despite how embarrassed I am at people reading my work in front of me, I wrote as I felt when I was putting the book together. The regrets, the gratitude, the feelings that went into the relationship and hence the book as it recounted our entire year together...

Granted, the year hasn't been altogether smooth. Complications - mostly from my side - arose quite frequently, from loose ends from a previous "relationship", to just downright ignorance and bitchiness.

But regardless of how many arguments and meltdowns we have, he still takes me in his arms, dries my tears, and kisses me saying "I love you". No relationship is a smooth sailing ship - a sailor will not know the sea unless he encounters storms. Without challenges, obstacles, and difficulties, a relationship will never grow.

We became unlikely friends when we met, and he saw me go through one of the darkest and most tumultuous parts of my life. In fact, he was the one I'd call out for drinks outside his place right after work, then I'd rant from dinner time to some hours past midnight.

Sometimes I get scared. Scared that he'll grow tired of my insecurities, my idiosyncrasies, my clumsiness and forgetfulness, the little things that shouldn't matter but bug me constantly. Then he reminds me that he chose me over so many others for a reason - that he loved me, even if I continue tripping over flat ground.


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