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Friday, October 24, 2014

103 Coffee Workshop, Seri Petaling

The turnover of shops along Jalan Radin Bagus is quite high, and now that there are new shop lots opening around the area, more and more businesses are booming in, including a McDonald's and a boat noodle place.

But that's besides the point.

Coffee shop hopping isn't really my forte, but places that are mentioned on Instagram a lot, especially those near where I live, are on my to-try list, and that includes 103 Coffee Workshop. It's located at where the old Ochado and Bear Paw is (I'll miss Bear Paw). If you can spot the 7-11, you'll know where 103 is.

You first encounter a black-painted sliding door upon a little platform foyer, with a little stand sign at the door stating their opening hours.

A counter with a cash register and all the coffee machines greets you when you walk in, along with a small wall table with a few stools to the left, and an array of tables as you walk further in to the shop. Tall ones, normal ones, round ones, long ones, perfect for any party.

Grey cement walls are accented with black painted metal furniture and white wood, and while this doesn't provide decent soundproofing, it's a nice ambiance, especially with the slightly dim yellow lights.

The staff were friendly, professional, and dressed in aprons over casuals. We seated ourselves along the cement bench at a table for two, and were handed paper menus. The menu comprised of mainly Japanese or Japanese-inspired dishes, from appetizers, to finger food, to full-blown meals.

103 Chocolate Mocha - MYR 10
The back of the menu featured the beverages. I chose the recommended 103 Chocolate Mocha, while my sister chose an iced double chocolate mocha. While I appreciated the latte art, it didn't come off as chocolate-y as I expect, and perhaps it's just my sweet tooth, but it was a little undersweetened for my liking.

Tiramisu crepe cake - MYR 12
I had the sister pick a cake from the pastry fridge, and we ended up sharing a tiramisu crepe cake. The crepe itself a little stiff and thick, but otherwise delicious - light yet creamy enough to be indulgent, but not icky.

All the while, I considered this a place good for not group gatherings or a general coffee shop, but a good place for work, quiet conversations, and inspiration. The music in the background is soothing yet upbeat enough to keep on motivated, though I did notice a little lack of power points.

I realized that there was a bit of chocolate at the bottom of the cup, so perhaps it was just me who didn't stir the beverage beforehand, but for me, a good mocha has a delicious chocolate flavor which compliments the aroma of coffee beautifully. It shouldn't be overly sweet, but strong enough to detect notes of the chocolate throughout the entire cup.

All in all, a place I would go to if I were looking for some alone time and coffee to go with my work, though I could do the same at Starlight. =P

All prices subject to 5% service charge. WiFi password: 103coffee

Location - 9 / 10
Atmosphere - 8 / 10 (could use some soundproofing)
Food/beverage quality - 6.5 / 10
Price - 6.5 / 10
Service - 7.5 / 10

No. 103, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel.: +603-9054 5512
Opening hours: 11 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Behind curtains that you never ponder

There are those times in life when you hear about the things you never knew about yourself from others, and often times, the things that I hear are not good ones.

Granted, I've never been a perfect daughter, and I don't think I ever will - active passive-aggressive rebellion is ever present among the many times that I give in to a very suggestive guilt-trip session.

For some peculiar reason, I'm the only one who's cited as the bad example. The reasons are apparent: I'm tattooed (and I plan to get more), I have several unconventional piercings, I swear, I like going out for catch-up/coffee sessions especially at night, I used to openly smoke, I have a not-so-clean relationship history, and I also have a history of self-hate and self-harm.

Other reasons include general ignorance around the house (my bed is a mess, and I seldom help with the housework), my tendency to pick bones with relatives, and my refusal to be the obedient daughter I'm supposed to be.

Like how I confront my sister for giving herself excuses from doing well at school, I'm called out by others for my actions. It's not like I'm failing at school, nor am I on drugs or selling sex - I just don't act like a typical girl who's supposed to be ladylike.

On one hand I try my best to be a martyr, to be the daughter who is boasted about to friends and family; but on the other, I've no more fucks to give, because it's apparent that I won't ever have that special pedestal to be placed upon.

Regardless of how much I try, I'll be the example that everyone uses to tell their daughters not to be - "don't ever turn out to be like her".

I agree - don't ever be as cowardly as I am, to be so afraid to speak up even when you know you're right. Don't be as conforming as I am when you don't feel like it, then cry yourself to sleep because you know you don't have that privilege. Don't keep every emotion to yourself and let the words of others get to you, then allow those negative feelings to eventually consume and distort you in a way that it should never be. Don't ever stop yourself from saying what you feel, at the expense of the principles of others.

I'm not the prettiest flower in the garden, I know that, nor am I the easiest to tend to, but really?

I'm not the only one with ink in the family, neither am I the only who smokes. I prefer to be cooped up in solitude because my communication channels are not in tune with everyone else's, and I prefer to keep my feelings as complete and unhurt as I possibly could, thank you very much.

Others call me ungrateful for saying all this, and perhaps from your perspective, I am the ungrateful child who shouldn't have been born. But here I am, alive and kicking, and I'll continue kicking that door until I get what I want.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Does Mish have an obsession with zombies?

Michelle Phan is starting her Halloween videos, and one of them in particular seems like a recycled idea down to the editing and effects (which most of her videos are - multiple make-up for glasses tutorials, anyone?).

First there was this:

Now there's this:

She's learned a bit more After Effects, but the overuse of the grr-face-in-the-dark clip, and the bad jokes...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Human nature? Or just a freak of nature?

There are those girls who remember every single special day of a relationship off-hand - first date, first present, the day they first met each other's parents.

As for me, I remember our anniversary, the day we first met, when we went to certain trips, etc. And not all of them I can remember off-hand. I'm a person who either can't or won't remember, unless I make it a point to.

This particular stubbornness/defect is a problem. Every morning I wake up, my slate is almost clean - I say I think a lot, but it's obsessive thinking, and it's gone the moment I start thinking of something else.

Isn't there just something about me that's just ... normal? "Unique" is just a pretty name for being abnormal. From my personality all the way down to my life experience - my "rebellion" made things far from what's considered normal here.

I used to say I wouldn't give a fuck, and what you see is what you get, defects and all. In other words, I'm sold as an as-is item - take it, or leave it, but it's never so simple.

I guess being in an actual relationship where you hurt when he does changes your perspective on life and everything in it.

Disappointed... as a whole person who just can't seem to get anything right.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Road rant

The size of your car directly correlates to how bully-able you are.

Driving a hatchback which can barely fit 4 people comfortably, pretty much every other car is significantly larger than mine. You could say the Perodua MyVi is a fair equivalent, but they have better height and backseat space.

I would understand if you were tailgating me on the right lane of the highway, because I understand the frustration of putting up with someone driving under the speed limit, or driving even slower than those in the non-speeding lanes.

But to hog both lanes? And switching lanes without so much of a touch of the blinkers or even a glance into the side mirrors? That's just being a bitch. And I'm referring to the dick of an asshole driving a Mercedes CLK from Puchong to Bukit Jalil.

First, swerving from one lane to the other, and wasn't happy when I finally overtook his ass going at 50km/h. Then almost crushing me by thinking I was going to follow the stream of cars up into Bandar Kinrara.

Your way of driving is not matching up to the status of your car. Or perhaps you're just one of those rich bitches who have been permanently blinded to basic things like societal consideration.

And those who insist on going at a snail's pace in front of you, but proceeds to tailgate you and threaten collision when you overtake them. Take a chill pill. You've been driving longer than I have but have to patience for Klang Valley traffic?

Also, to the probational drivers, I know you're new, but please make an effort to drive safely, and park properly. Always straighten your tires before you leave your car, and your doors shouldn't be able to open all the way with extra space from the car next to you - it should open so that you can comfortably get out of the car.


Oh, and people like you a lot more when you drive with morals. Everyone hates an asshole on the road.