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Friday, August 2, 2013

Life up to July

Laziness apart from being actually busy with university exams and assignments are my reasons for not updating on my life (not that anyone would be particularly interested). Just most of my assignment due dates, presentations, final submissions, and final exams were more or less stuffed into one ridiculously tiny time-frame. Not that I'm alone on this. =P

One could probably roughly track my life if they follow me on Instagram (*hint hint*). ANYWAYS, start of July was pretty much not sleeping for days in a row and surviving on coffee and tea. And yeah, basically a post of random stuff thrown together *confetti!!!*


I worked at a parenting fair at Mid Valley (parents, parents-to-be, people who know the previous two might know of this event) for Pureen, and despite the flattened foot soles and aching muscles from standing all day, I had great reason to act like a cooing pedophile at kids with cheeks that make you wanna just melt.

MOCHI!!! Tried edamame (actually wanted black sesame), double chocolate, strawberry love, jungle banana, and green tea~
Speaking of cheeks, ever seen/heard of Akachan no Hoppe? If you follow Jinnyboy's Instagram, you might have seen him indulging in one. Akachan no Hoppe means "baby's cheeks" in Japanese, and is a mochi store (similar to Mochi Sweets) that just opened at Mid Valley (opposite Muji and World of Feng Shui) not too long ago.

I splurged (MYR19) on 5 pieces of mochi from there, and they were delicious to say the least. However, I do have a biased preference for Japanese food, so you might disagree with me. Whatever floats your boat, mate!


Some time later, I went out on a (somewhat) last-minute movie date with friends from university to watch Pacific Rim. I would describe the movie as a cross between Real Steel and Battleship, and some friends also described it as a more stylish CG-fied version of Ultraman, Pokemon, and Digimon. I loved that Ron Perlman was in the movie, though.


Baking turned out to be fun =D
It's been quite a while since I've done actual baking, and I forgot about the vanilla essence AGAIN. The final product was good though, given that it had ice cream sandwiched in it. It was 4 cupcakes (with ice cream) for dinner that day. =P


I Love You (a mixture of Sprite, juice, and something else), and a heavenly garlic cheese naan.
Friends took me out for my first time at Murni for a midnight snack. I haven't been to a lot of places, so don't judge. =P Had a delicious garlic cheese naan and I Love You~


From left: all our BBQ ingredients; chicken wings, chicken cheese franks, and white mushrooms; potatoes, otak-otak from Muar, and BACON!
On a certain Monday, friends took me out for a biking trip at the Botanical Garden in Putrajaya, before a planned BBQ night. Yeah, my "amazing fall" LOL. We continued with the BBQ anyway, with me bandaged everywhere. My favorites of the night were the mushrooms (mushroom freak LOL) and the last-minute-marinaded chicken wings~


Note the small pile of sambal clams at the bottom right corner of the styrofoam box.
My younger sister was sweet enough to get me some delicious rice from her school the next day. It was supposed to be clam rice, but due to the accident... she was worried of infections, so she got me fried chicken rice instead of clams, BUT included 5 tiny clams so that I got a taste. *touched*


Fast forward to Sunday (before my sister and mum went to Bangkok), I finally met up with my best girls. You don't often stay best friends with people you've known for over 10 years. We went for vegetarian food, and then pretzels, and it really amazed me how much we've changed and not changed.

Before going for lunch, we browsed around in Popular Bookstore. I got myself the entire Slam Dunk series with the movie included, but the thing that really grinds me gears is that I found the Saiyuki box set - all three i.e. Gensomaden Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock - for MYR29.90. And this was just after I got Gensomaden Saiyuki at MYR39.90. Rawr.

These are Malaysians. Note the metallic sign right in the middle of the picture.

Will update about my Bangkok haul in a separate post~ =D

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