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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bangkok haul: version 1.5

Bangkok has become a little bit of our place for fashion hauls for two reasons: the clothes there are mind-blowingly inexpensive, and the quality is usually up to par. Version 1.5 because I didn't get to go personally... AGAIN. First round of Bangkok fashion craze here.

All of the items are under MYR20, which is like just crazy! Some of the shorts were as low as MYR5, which is something that does not exist in KL. From here on in, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Aztec print stretchy T-shirts~

Aztec print stretchy cropped tees

Denim shorts with the hem folded, and with extra prints and/or embellishments

 Torn denim shorts

 More cotton tailored shorts for me LOL Instead of orange I got a green, and I got another checkered one the last time, too...

 Stretchy solid color tank tops

 Cotton tank tops with embellished neckline and straps

The only actual 'cotton tee' that I got, and it's just too sweet~

Cotton flowy tank top. I guess if I were shorter, this could be a dress...

Large-sized butterfly sleeve top

Cropped tee again, but with the Union Jack print

Sexy lace option: my mum pointedly reminded me to wear camisoles under this. 

 Long-sleeved hoodie

 Think The Bee Movie where they wore long sleeved polo shirts LOL Cotton long sleeved tee.

 My younger sister has the blue one. Knitted large size butterfly sleeve top.

 Sailor-inspired long sleeve tee.

 Long, flowy cardigans. My crappy photo editing made the one at the back look like a dark grey, but it's a solid black.

 Retro dresses which come with matching (unphotographed) belts.

 Chrome snake left earring with helix cuff. This feels weird on, and I can't put it in the stretched hole...

MUSHROOM!!! (My obsession for mushrooms will probably never subside) This is a key pouch. You attach your keys to the key ring at the bottom, which is attached to the draw-string coming out of the top of the mushroom (other shapes available LOL). So when you pull the draw-string up, the keys will be hidden within the pouch itself.


Thanks to my bro, my Neo is now up and running. I didn't really make it a point to remove the two ghastly P (probational driver) stickers from the windshield, and I have a cute Hello Kitty windshield sticker preventing any more permanent damage from road tax stickers now, thanks to a certain someone =D

And there goes MYR100 to replace my Samsung Note's battery, which swelled up and refused to last for more than 5 minutes with apps open. Happy with my new diamond screen protector though. It looks like someone has been playing around with pretty sparkly eye shadows~

I've an actual sightseeing trip planned to Bangkok soon. I'll update about that when the time comes. Jya, mata ne! (it means "I'll see you then" in Japanese).


  1. Love the retro dresses, especially the polka dot ones! Nice blog :)

    Lorraine xx

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