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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Fitness myths are everywhere, and somehow they exist more among the girls. Among the statements I've heard are:

  • "I can't do weight training, because then I'll look like Vin Diesel / The Rock (or insert name of other muscular man)"
  • "As long as I'm moving, it doesn't matter how slow I go" - usually on the bike thing

For one, lifting weights tone your muscles - unless you go on a high-protein diet, you WILL NOT bulk up. And no, leisurely paddling your feet while you watch a drama on your phone doesn't really constitute as exercise. For me: no sweat, heavy breathing, and muscle aches means I didn't do enough for the day.

ALRIGHT. Enough with some of the things regarding fitness that I'm a little frustrated about.

Due to various reasons, I haven't been hitting the gym at all for about half a year. From running 15km in total every week, to almost not moving at all for 6 months, needless to say, my cardio strength went downhill, counterbalanced by my weight which shot up to the dangerous 6x.

So now I'm trying - and please note the term "trying" - to be somewhat active without needing to hit the gym, and of course, trying to eat better (doesn't really apply since I've chowed down 3 bowls of rice with lots of battered deep fried food today).

Squats to tone your thighs and your butt. Source unknown, but I found it from another friend's Instagram feed.
BUT! Along with my sister (always the best motivation), we've taken to stocking the house with fruits and yogurt, and I've taken up the 30 DAY SQUATS CHALLENGE. Pretty much self-explanatory, and I thought it would be a piece of cake...

I'm on day 4 today, which is a rest day, but my thighs have been sore since day 1. And here I thought "I used to do a lot of squats so this shouldn't be a problem". Take my word for it, "challenge" is the keyword here.

What I do is break up the required number into smaller parts scattered throughout the day. No, the "bulking thighs" don't bother me - I would prefer toned but large thighs to flabby thighs. =D

Just a little update, because I think I update too sparsely now... All my inspiration for writing has been channeled towards assignments. We had mostly computer software-related assignments the previous semester (Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, etc), and this semester it's all writing...

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  1. Squats. Love them. Hate them. Love them. Hate them. Love them. Besides the squats there are also a few other exercises for our glutes. Am still feeling my butt burn (it's been a week now) from my training sessions. We are all born with a certain shape or size (can't change much of that) but it is our duty NOT to have huge saggy bottoms. So, my dear keep it up ;-)