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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

End of April

Drawing closer to the end of the fourth month on 2013, I've some things to share, but I obviously can't share EVERYTHING that happened, so I'll share just some recent things. =)

From top left clockwise: fruit custard, coffee almond, chocolate custard, lemon, durian, and chocolate almond.
My mother brought home some mini tarts from a place called Justarts. They came in shortcrust pastry shells, wrapped in disposable cupcake cups (I think that's what they call it). Some were delicious, some were just mediocre. =P

And a shopping trip at Mid Valley on Sunday. Our targets are actually just a few pairs of shoes, especially that I needed all-black comfy walking shoes for an upcoming event job (for academic purposes LOL). We ended up spending a little more than we planned to...

Cute tribal beads are their charm~ RM69.80 from Sachs (discounted).
I found some cute moccasins from Sachs, which I would never really have considered purchasing, and scratched the "black walking shoes" off my shopping list. Basically, that was all of my entire "need" shopping list. But which girl could resist an all out shopping trip? =D

Basic black peep-toe pumps which are not too tall! RM246 from Prima Vera.
There were some pretty black pumps I found in Jusco, black, but with a ruffled surface - understated, yet still outstanding enough. But they didn't fit (damn those who don't manufacture/stock up on half sizes). I found a pair in Prima Vera, though... Super. Effing. Expensive. But not too tall, and leather~ *dances around* So my mother got those for me...

Before we could proceed to anything else, LUNCH! Mid Valley, having been there for millions of times, is now a place where we would start asking each other what to have for lunch the moment we leave the house. Kind of familiar, since we kind of do that at school, too...

Anyway, we decided to give Manhattan Fish Market a chance after a not-so-nice experience there some time ago. Regretted the decision of even letting them have a shot to try to re-impress us. They changed the menu since our last visit, and I didn't fancy paying for mediocre food and bad service.

Asian spice pan seared fish and spicy mussels (they were quite fresh) served with garlic herb rice. RM25.50 (subject to government and service tax)
The garlic herb rice tasted so much better in the past, and there was a simple seafood pasta somewhere, and it costed RM17.90 for the full sized one. Pasta + that little bit of seafood = definitely not worth RM17.90. Even Pasta Zanmai isn't that expensive... The dish that I ordered - I could have made it myself at home, but I paid RM25.50+ to eat it there.

And too many part timers, and a management that doesn't seem to bother training their staff. Any restaurant, who has a team of staff who huddles together, talks loudly, and/or is not alert immediately puts me off. I expect up-to-par service when I'm paying for your stupid service tax. No MFM anytime soon.

We left in search of more shoes, and we happened to pass by Vintage 1988's pushcart. Vintage 1988 is a boutique that specializes in vintage-looking charm accessories. You can purchase the accessories ready-made, or you can customize them (the staff will assemble your accessory on the spot).

There were many different charms of different shapes, sizes, and prices. The promotion was choosing 6 charms and above entitles you to a free chain for the bracelet. I made myself an anklet instead. Beware, though: you'll just get caught up with the entire process of choosing from the super-wide variety of charms, planning your accessory design, and end up being quite surprised by the end price.

My new favorite accessory =D RM68 inclusive of the chain.
The Deathly Hallows charm represents my loyalty to Harry Potter; the alphabet "C" is the first letter of my name (Chean); I like cats in general; music really does rule my life; the star because it made a pretty horizontal piece; the feather because perhaps I fantasize about flying away?; the love letter because I love writing love letters; and the alphabet "D"... represents a really important person in my life. =)

The most kawaii mini croissant I've ever seen!
Tried out Komugi's nama choco sand as well. Mediocre.
And after a visit to Skechers where I saw someone who resembled a certain someone a little too much, we had a little shopping spree in Komugi (my new favorite Japanese pastry house). We got some bread each, and some cold desserts (hanjuku cheese and nama choco sand, which translates as "nama chocolate sandwich").

Now to MONDAY, filled with the usual Monday blues. I had one comfort - I found a cropped sweater in my closet by accident. I share my closet with my sister, so I have no idea what's in the closet sometimes.

Photo taken from my Instagram. Filters from Camera360 and Instagram. Both items unbranded (jeans from Petaling Street).
What I found was an orange sweater, which was under a white sheer cardigan. The highlight is that this sweater is cropped, though obviously for people with a little more height than me. But it's cropped nonetheless, and it's probably the only piece of clothing in the entire house that is in that cut.

Tuesday was shit. I had to drive to campus (finally, SPEED) for a class that didn't last for even 20 minutes. The lecturer just sat in front, mumbled to himself about some things about statistics, asked us about things that he should know, then dismissed class after keeping silent for about 10 minutes. WTF?!

Crazy traffic jam! And this happens very frequently recently!
The ridiculous part was the almost-hour-long traffic jam just WITHIN campus. All the way from the free parking area all the way out to the SMC intersection. Taylor's, it's time you start planning an alternative enter-and-exit route: sooner or later, you'll lose students just because traffic flow and parking sucks.

Apple tarte tartin~ And we got some fresh corn from Cameron Highlands, too...
The traffic congestion was worth some delicious apple tarte tartin made by Karen~ Deliciously tangy apples on a mildly sweet crust, and served with melting vanilla ice cream~ *love*

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