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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The start of semester 3

Well, university has started again. The classes seem to be less fun and more work now, because we're starting to get bored - already. At least, I can only speak for myself. But I guess I could say for now that we have pretty good lecturers as compared to *ahem* some past semesters.

One group for each subject, regardless of whether or not they're official.
The first thing I would like to mention: I have 5 subjects this semester (should have had 6, but they f**king dropped me out of Japanese class on the "first come first serve basis" more on this later). We have a different Facebook group for each and every subject. SRSLY?! I have no idea how to keep track of things now. (Thankfully, I've finalized the decision for my laptop, and now we're just waiting for C.O.D)

Keeping track of classes and whatnot would be hell from now on... But in a way, it's better, because now it's more hands-on, and you're forced to take initiative. *shrugs*

Now about Japanese class. I believe I've blogged about it before (I have the memory span of a fish, now I understand Dory from Finding Nemo). A lot of people were dropped from the class, because there's a certain limit to how many students can enter, and enrolment follows the first come, first serve basis.

But for some s**tty reason, many people who registered for the class first were dropped. My group of friends, all of which who registered for the class the moment registration was available, we all rejected but one. And they weren't kind in letting us know: just a Word document, with a crappy "you're rejected message", and a list of our IDs. Not even any glamour that Taylor's documents usually have.

And the documents I have to download? Well, gotta get used to it, and also trying to get used to shorter blog  posts. Fellow friend Brian See seems to like short posts more.

I'm still contemplating whether to renew my gym membership, though... I ditched the thought because I wanted to cut down on my "expenses" (repayment for my Galaxy Note, and for 50% of my new laptop), but I seem to be losing control... I stepped on the scale just now: 58.8KG WTFF! MOSQUITOES! Y U NO SUCK FAT?!

Till the next time I find something else to blog about!

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