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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random faux pas

I don't mean to discriminate, but these are just a few things that I feel are unforgivable at times...

1. Driving slow on the fast / overtaking lane

In Malaysia, this is the right lane. On certain highways, the left-most lane are for motorcycles, the middle for the slow, then the right-most for, well, those who like it fast. The things is, there's a system for a reason. So if you're planning to texting, or wanna take things slow, move over and don't be a road hog!

2. Driving slowly in a fast car

You've seen them: Audi TTs, Toyota Estimas and Alphards, going at a steady 60km/h (on the fast lane). Why the hell did you buy a fast car if you plan on driving it slowly? Get a luxury car if you really have to spend the money!

3. Keeping the price tag on the bottom of your heels

Really, honey? No one needs to know how much you got those Jimmy Choos for. Just peel the price tag off, even if it comes off horrendously.

End of random list. I needed to rant. =D

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