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Monday, April 15, 2013

Of cakes and macarons

The thing is: we skipped class. Excuse me, but we didn't pay you to read from the slides. And if we're not supposed to take notes while you're reading off the slides, then WHAT'S THE POINT IN ATTENDING CLASS?! I could very well read the slides at home by myself without having to listen to you recount your youth for the 1358th time, thank you very much.

Back to the point: a bunch of us went to Bangsar for sort of a food adventure, I think? I didn't know what the main item on the itinerary was, but I think I'll just call it the Bangsar food trip. =D

Quinie and Sindee gave us a lift there (6 persons in total), and we first visited the First Impressions Beauty Salon for some *ahem* brow threading. The process was an eye-opening experience, since I've never seen it before. It's basically the same as using tweezers, but faster, and a little more dangerous (risk of cutting the skin).

Nirvana Maju was our destination for lunch. For those of you who don't know, there are only certain mamak restaurants which serve banana leaf rice, and it also depends on whether they make good banana leaf rice.

I had my rice drowned in dhall curry, with two extra pieces of radish. The condiments from left: deep fried battered bitter gourd, pumpkin mash, and cucumber salad.
Basically, the rice and condiments (curry, deep fried battered bitter gourd, etc) are served on a cleaned sheet of banana leaf, which adds to the flavor of everything you put on it. For an even better eating experience, ditch the cutlery and use your hand (traditionally, only the right hand is used)!

We walked around some outlets, with rejected Burberry, Calvin Klein, Juicy Couture, and other branded items. Just not my kind of shopping. As it is, I go to point A to get item A, and get out, usually missing out a lot of other awesome stuff.

High tea has never been included in my itinerary throughout 20 years of my life, and while this doesn't constitute as a proper high tea (comparing with information I got from friends), the cakes were delicious. Some people may know the popular (but expensive) patisserie called Les Deux Garçons (Google translates this as "two boys"), which is popular for their delicious macarons.

The display counter offered a variety of cakes, mousses, and pastries (I saw different varieties of eclairs), as well as a pretty display of French macarons. Four cakes made it to the table...

From the mint green one clockwise: wasabi macaron, vodka lime, green tea, salted caramel, truffle, and all topped with a cherry macaron. The truffle macaron has some gold dust on it...
Macarons never really made it to my favorite foods list, but the macarons from LDG made my list... Crispy, fresh, delicious creamy filling, and all without getting too chewy.

Gold flakes. On a cake. Which costs RM14 a slice... Most luxurious cakes I've ever had...
The cakes were awesome, too... Too bad they're so expensive, but you pay for a decadent dessert experience!

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