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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Top 10 Dresses

Inspired by a friend's blog post~

You could say I've only recently (in 2011) started to wear short dresses. All my previous dresses were at the most a couple of inches above the knee. Reason? Well, being called "the chubby girl" since I was a kid actually did impact me psychologically. I was paranoid that people would point at my thighs, and having wide hips just make your thighs look even more huge.

But ANYWAY, fashion isn't really a major interest for me, but being a girl, who could resist?

#10 Turtle-neck dresses
I like how clingy turtle-neck dresses are. Although they're definitely not suited to Malaysia weather, it would be an awesome fashion piece to wear to a cold place. I'd pair it with a statement pendant or a nice scarf, and a classy watch.

#9 A-line dresses
This dress, given that it has suitable length, would be perfect if you're a pear-shape like me, as the skirt of the dress helps disguise chunky thighs, as well as a belly, if it has the right cut. And more often than not, A-line dresses would be fitting at the waist, giving the illusion of a slimmer waist.

#8 Empire waist dresses 
Perfect for a bust-boost and hide a potential belly. And depending on the design, you can play it up or down with different shoes and accessories!

#7 Lace dresses
Nothing screams feminine more than lace, and lace dresses are the perfect way to say "I'm a feminine lady, but I'm also mysteriously sexy".

Le moi and Akihiko-kun at Comic Fiesta 2012. On left is a ladies' yukata; and if I'm not mistaken, he's wearing a kimono (or a make-shift one, at least).
#6 Yukata
A yukata is a summer kimono, with less layers than a traditional kimono, and made from cotton rather than silk or other expensive cloths. I don't know if this is considered a "dress", per se, but it's a nice Japanese piece to own - it's ladylike (you can't walk in larger strides), and conservative, but still has a sexy touch to it. Pair it with red lips, an up-do, and a flower in your hair, and voila! The perfect Japanese look!

#5 Strapless floor-length evening gowns
Elegant, classy, and somewhat majestic. I love how floor-length gowns are so flowy, and evening gowns are always glamorous. The reason why I would prefer them strapless is because it adds to the sex appeal factor - I find defined collar bones on women a real turn-on.

I apologize for the dirty mirror...
#4 Tube dresses
Whether the cut it poufy, skin-tight, or peplum (which is all the rage right now), a tube-dress would be my go-to fashion piece - wear it as it is, or tone it down with a blazer or jacket! AND they can be worn with heels and sandals.

#3 String maxis
I absolutely love, love, LOVE maxi dresses! It's the perfect piece when you're just too lazy to coordinate your look from scratch, and ESPECIALLY if the weather is hot outside! String because I find it really sexy when the strings just lay on the collar bones (highlighting them even more!), and usually string maxis have a plunging neckline and/or a bareback.

#2 Backless dresses
Think Michelle Pfeiffer's shimmering black backless dress in Batman Returns. I fell in love with backless dresses the moment I laid eyes on it (and on Michelle Pfeiffer) - it exudes elegance, grace, and a touch of sexiness by exposing just the back.

#1 Asymmetrical dresses
If I was bored enough, I'd drape my bath towel over my torso in an asymmetric style. And when I saw Rosie's shimmering blue asymmetric dress in Transformers 3... I was breathless. The revealing of just one side of the body is just too much for words. While the long sleeve slims and elongates the arm, the cut-out part reveals the collar bone, the shoulders, and the arm, which is really sexy!


Dresses are something that a girl must have (at least one?), including a few basic pieces, such as a little black dress that can be used for different occasions via different accessories, layers, shoes, and make-up.

So there you go: my top 10 dresses. It took me more than a week to just decide which dresses I actually like (Rosie's dress being the first to come to mind). What about you? Which are your top 10 dresses?

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