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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 30

Full list here.

Day 30: A Song That Makes You wanna Drive Fast and Crazy

The list is looong. And since I gingerly put together an answer for many of the previous challenge questions, I'll compensate here~

How can you go wrong with a Need For Speed Most Wanted soundtrack? Like seriously, this is almost the only NFS I'd play. Still stuck at #5 on the blacklist, though... Even the system remembers that I like to start my game with Nine Thou.

Named after the epic late Hide of X Japan (who performed the song with his other musical unit, called Hide with Spread Beaver), Pink Spider is the first track on my visual J-rock CD in my car. Driving to campus on a gray Monday morning is much more awesome with this on full blast.

This is not a religious hymn, or at least it's not to me. To my ears and mind, this is another epic song by L'Arc~en~Ciel (lyrics written by hyde, if I'm not mistaken). The song is performed by hyde's other group VAMPS, and sounds a little different than the studio original. Jesus Christ is an English J-rock song, the guitar is just... awesome!!!


There's another last optional question, and since it's optional, I shall be a lazy bum and not do it!!! Instead, I might be doing a synced post with a fellow friend and blogger. So, this concludes the Improved 30 Day Song Challenge!!!

Remind me not to do another challenge for a LOOONG time. I'm going nuts already.

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