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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekday mall trip

24th JANUARY 2013

It's a public holiday here now, but which public holiday it is, I have no idea. For one, I have no classes anyway; and there are so many public holidays throughout the year in Malaysia that I can't be bothered to keep track of them.

 My younger sister mentioned to me the night before that we would be going to Mid Valley (again, but still our favorite mall). I fell asleep the previous night waiting on Skype, and thinking of how to do a voice-over for my video without including all the background noise from a shared house on a main street. Doing it at night includes some free background music, such as endless cricket sounds, as well as random dog orchestras by the many dogs who live on my street.

Despite sleeping late, I woke up alarmingly early. But just early enough that my mother walked in a few minutes later with the intention to wake me up, presumably by roughly shaking me, or pulling back my covers, or something just mean and sudden. I think. I can't say. Anyway.

We were so early that the area around the escalator entrance was pretty bare. Wanted to get my splitting ends trimmed at X-Cut, but then saw that they raised the price from RM15, to RM16, to RM18. I might as well drop by Zola Hair Shop, and have Ronnie trim my hair. =D

There was a temptation to get the new Horlicks Cocoa from Chatime, but they weren't going to be open until half an hour later. By that time, we were enjoying assorted meat pies from Just Pies after shopping for some CNY cards at Hallmark.

What happens when I get dragged out for shopping with only less than 4 hours of sleep and no coffee. I either look like death, or I'm hyper like that. My mum spent a lot of the day shopping for oversized plastic peonies.
For some unfathomable reason, my sister and I were the main subjects for my mother's photography of the CNY display items at the Center Court. I thought I'd be funny and make some faces, which made some parents throw me dirty looks. Hey, I'm having my own fun!

FINALLY!!! Suribachi bowl from Daiso. I'm one step closer to actually making my kuro goma ice cream.
We had a short stroll through Jusco for CNY clothes for mum, after taking a look at shoes at Nose (abandoned again while I obsessed over stilettos and platforms). We walked up to Daiso, where I got some *ahem* fishnet stockings, and my suribachi mortar (more like a bowl) for my kuro goma ice cream~ Couldn't find the surikogi pestle, though...

Sister's sirloin steak set.
For lunch, one suggestion from my sister: Pasta Zanmai. Just before the lunch rush, we were comfortably seated and ordered our food. My mother ordered her usual, while my sister went all the way to a wafu pasta restaurant to have sirloin steak with rice and miso soup.

Kaki Kimuchi Soup Pasta - RM28 (regular); RM13 (mini). Subject to taxes.
When I like a restaurant, I would usually try as many things as I can from the menu. Today I tried out a miso kimchi soup pasta with oysters. The soup was a little spicy for my taste (I love spicy food, but my tongue still can't take it), but the overall dish was beautiful - the oysters were perfectly cooked, and even better, they were fresh! Would've opted for a little less veggies, though.

We were greedy, and ordered a chocolate banana parfait. Seriously, it's getting less and less worth the money. The parfait is made up of a layered concoction of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, banana slices, cornflakes, crushed chocolate cookies, and whipped cream. The ratio of cornflakes to all the other ingredients is almost 1 : 2. For RM16? I'd rather have the rock melon parfait.

I wanted another red, but the red for this series looked too dark for my liking, and I didn't want to get the red from Revlon or L'Oreal, so I opted for Coconut Blonde =D
I want a new hair color for CNY, after trimming my hair, that is. I've never used conventional DIY hair dyes, so I opted for another bubble formula dye. Instead of Liese (RM30.80 I saw today at Watson's), I opted for Gatsby's Bubble Type Bleach & Color. I'll probably do a separate post on this one when I get round to using it. It's cheaper than Liese and Schwarzkopf (RM32.80-ish), where bubble hair dyes are concerned.

Didn't get my BB cream, though. I saw an ad in the latest edition of Women's Weekly Malaysia for the new Hada Labo 10-in-1 BB cream. Pore minimizing, hydrating, skin tone perfecting, UV protection, and a few other awesome benefits ... for RM46.90. Uh. No. Even two boxes of hair dye doesn't cost that much. I'll stick with Za.

We made a rare trip to PJ Old Town, thinking to make a stop at the haberdashery that we used to frequent. The crazy traffic and lack of parking made us go home, not before making a stop at Edible Foods to find some nice cake boxes for my mum's CNY cakes.

We came home. Mum started to make soup for dinner, sister proceeded to transferring photos (but to no avail) from my mum's phone, and I started taking photos and blogging. Such is life for me. And today is categorized as a fairly eventful day, despite me walking around like a zombie due to the constant lack of sleep for the past month or so.

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