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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Studying woes

I tend to do last-minute studies, because I'm the kind of person who forgets easily. And I always get a mild case of bipolar syndrome when I study - I either become temporarily anorexic, or I become a binge eater.

My studies usually commence at night, sometimes leaving me with only a couple hours to sleep, sometimes none at all. Surprising, I manage to stay awake during the entire course of the exam the next day.

About the bipolar syndrome. I either alternate my time I use to study between one or half a chapter (depending on how long that chapter is) and a couple of games. Usually Temple Run, and recently TripleTown and Fruit Ninja HD. During this time, I don't eat, and don't usually feel hungry at all.

Other than that, it's the complete opposite - my stomach growls even if I had just eaten a half hour ago. Unfortunately, these few exams I've become the binge eater. The amount of carbohydrates, sodium, caffeine, sugar, and dairy I've consumed today would have been enough to fuel me for an entire month when I was in high school.

Festivities always mean good food, and I've gotten less motivated to go all the way to campus for an hour's session in the gym. And since my music player refuses to cooperate with me, I'm left listening to the rather shitty music in the gym, which isn't motivational at all. Men singing in deep voices in a language I do not understand completely, backed by powerful electric guitar, bass, and drum sounds are much more motivating to me than "she sounds like sex on the radio".

I mean, which is more awesome: feeling like an action star on a treadmill with epic rock/metal music, or "I wanna make you sweat"? I, personally, would choose the former. Even Saiyuki Reload Gunlock's Wild Rock by buzzlip is now a very normal song for me, since most of the music I listen to are along those lines.

Anyhow, I told myself I'd start studying yesterday. And I did - one miserable, boring chapter. I'm sorry, but business and management just isn't my thing. I have 7 more chapters to go, and less than 12 hours. This means more iced coffee in a purple bottle.


I plan to film my next video this coming Saturday, while I'm outstation. Trips to Singapore usually means going out to shop in the day, then going out for dinner at night - perfect for the day-to-night concept. And the place I'm staying in has bright, white light in the rooms, so it'll be more ideal for filming. =P

Here's a song I've been particularly favoring today~ The single version has cello and violin backgrounds~

Angela Aki has always been one of my favorite J-pop musicians, noticed for her piano playing. Her voice is very soothing for me. I'm sure you're quite familiar with Final Fantasy XII's Kiss Me Goodbye - that was my first Angela Aki song. Sakurairo (color of cherry blossom) is one of the songs I love, especially when I'm in a mellow mood~

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