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Thursday, January 24, 2013


The only things keeping me alive recently - a certain someone, chocolate, and mind-blowing music. Some recents since the last post that I've been listening to since:

Davide Sonar Natural
Never been interested in music like this before, but a sudden whirlwind made me fall in love. This particular music is called hardstyle. The way Davide mixed electronic sounds with a few hints of orchestrated notes here and there - MIND-BLOWING. I've been listening to this for a week already, I think. On constant replay. For 12 hours straight each day. So you can imagine how obsessed I am. =D

Miyavi Ahead of the Light
This is his new single. As usual, his fingers on the guitar strings, his voice, especially when he uses strength (no idea what the jargon is). This is a little different from his other songs - for me, it's more city-inspired. J-rock forever~

Toneshifterz Psychedelic Wasteland Defqon 1 Australia Anthem 2011
Totally new to this music, but loving it anyway. Thanks to Brandon for the introduction when I was tipsy. =D 

That's basically it. Just thought I'd share some music. =D Sharing is caring. Video is exporting now, by the way, but it's gonna have one ugly watermark there.

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