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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tiring but fun Friday

*practically no pictures because my Nokia camera is incapable of taking pictures without flash*

I was up at 7am, out of the door by 7.10am, and reached campus at 7.30am. Just. For. Parking. Since I was gonna meet up Jasmine at around 8am, I took a half hour nap in the car. And guess what? THERE WERE STILL PARKING SPACES. IN THE BASEMENT, no less. *rawr*

And I didn't have class on Friday. So why was I on campus? Ah, yes. To do my Flash portfolio. Adobe Flash, the source of my increasing insanity. Like I'm not nuts enough already. Since Thursday, my animation was not moving, AT ALL, which got me bloody panicky.

However, after a consultation with my lecturer, the awesome Mr Alex Tan, it turned out that I had just ONE EXTRA LINE in my script which stopped my animation from playing: stop(); IKR?! And just because of 7 characters, I was dreading the moment when my lecturer would tell me I would have to redo everything FROM SCRATCH.

Anyways, despite my animation looking like a complete noob's work which could've been done better by a 12-year-old, I was really proud of my work - hey, it's the first time I've done Flash animation, and it's SOMETHING. Oh, and I used MapleStory's main menu soundtrack. =D

Somewhere in between all the Adobe Flash worries, I had a consultation session with Mr Alex, and after that, I was requested at the UniGym. For MAKE-UP!!! *so happy!* Some girls were rehearsing for their Performing Arts performance, and they needed make-up.

Seeing them rehearse made me regret not taking up Performing Arts. Oh well. Their make-up was supposed to be something that I interpreted as sexy, sultry, seductive a la Amy Winehouse - super thick winged liner, similar to that which I did for Chien Min, but minus the eye shadow. I mostly only did Xue Ren's make-up, I just helped some other girls with their eyeliner and mascara.

Anyways, by 3pm, our Flash portfolios were handed in, and we had lunch at the mamak. AND THIS TIME I HAD VARIETY. Star Teh Tarik does not have rotis available from 12-3pm, for whatever reason. I had a delicious combo of maggi goreng and thosai telur for lunch, and we talked until almost 5pm.

I went up to D3 to meet up with Quinie and Susu, who were still laboring over their assignment, and started with my make-up. *note to self: do an updated make-up pouch post* I really love how perfect my brows turns out these days. Tip to girls who draw on their brows: give your brows as much love and attention as you give to the windows of your soul~

Waiting for the guys~ This is what happens when you take flash photos when wearing make-up that contains SPF - you get a super pale face.
By 7pm it was raining cats and dogs, and I was waiting for everyone (Adeline, Brian, Junyi, Dennis and Vincent) in front of AmBank, so that we could go to the volunteer party together. Seriously, a Satria Neo is definitely not a passenger car. =P

Dennis' mum guided us there, with a lot of phone calls in between. IT WAS SO CLOSE! After the Subang LDP toll, take the U-turn under the bridge, then turn left.

After the entire day... My new LBD from Kitschen~ Accessorized with a simple jade pendant~
Basically, we stuck with our group. The only other people I knew there were Jude, Kelvin, Neil, Cuzario and Dan. Anyways, the party started with something like an ice-breaker session - a game called Catastrophe. In other words, it was a game to see how fast you could run. Definitely not a game in which dresses are suitable. =P

The girls got to get their food first (rice, lemongrass chicken, and nasi lemak condiments and sides, plus ondeh-ondeh). Halfway through our dinner, we were serenaded with a few beautiful keyboard pieces, by a keyboardist. Though I forgot her name (a little too involved with her lyrics), I'm looking forward to her upcoming album, which she is now recording.

The mug I got from CYW - FINALLY. The ideal mug handle for me~
Change Your World: Engaging Creativity To Save Lives! Let's end modern day slavery!
There were a few videos from the I Am Not For Sale campaign, then something like an appreciation ceremony. We initially had plans to go to Snowflake at SS15, but we just went home after that. I drove everyone back to Taylor's, and went home.

Achievement unlocked: I can fit into a size S! The price tag for my new dress, which was bought on impulse =D Lovin' it!
All in all it was a really long day, which passed quite quickly, which meant that I enjoyed most of it~