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Monday, October 22, 2012

Mock press conference

Dear members of the press, we thank you for joining us today for this press conference dealing with Justin Bieber's confession to lip synching for the hit sing, "Boyfriend". Ever since the release of the track from his album "Believe", Bieber has been guilt-ridden by the fact that he had kept his lip-synching a secret from his fans. 
The single "Boyfriend", as Bieber has revealed, was originally a collaboration between Robin Thicke and himself. Due to unstated complications, the track was released as Bieber lip-synching to Thicke's voice. Bieber has since been troubled, and has come to the difficult decision of coming out to admit his lip-synching. He is determind that his fans know the truth, and is deeply sorry for his actions.
For the record, we are only representing Bieber and Bieber alone. We are not, in any way, representing Bieber's record company, his producer, and/or Robin Thicke. Any questions relating to the above three shall not be addressed in this conference, but will be taken note of for further updates.

This was our introduction to our press conference, in which we were to address the make-believe issue in which Justin Bieber admitted to lip-synching. This particular "project" wracked my nerves for the entire week, along with worries about the video assignment, as well as our management project.

However, it proved to be a fun event~ We did get attacked like no one's business, but I found myself immediately knowing what the appropriate responses were supposed to be, but just lacked the public speaking courage to speak up.

The only time I talked was to announce the introduction above, other than that, I was muttering responses to my teammates, who were, I must say, AWESOME.

As usual, Karen was professional and calm. Nikke had the awesomest vocabulary and attitude ever. Both Elaine and Fennie didn't speak much, but they kept backing us up with info and updates.

Two words to describe the entire thing: FREAKIN' AWESOME. The difference between our batch and the previous batch was that the previous batch had a respective group each to criticize them at the end of the lesson.

It was a good experience.

Ps. This is a super random blog post designed to just curb my boredom @_@

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