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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two wrongs don't make a right

This was a theory I learned from my Critical and Creative Thinking subject last semester. It basically means that if you do something wrong that other people are also doing, it doesn't make you right. For example, your friend is cheating in a test (EXAMPLE ONLY), but it doesn't justify your cheating as well.

No comprendo? Like if everyone is killing other people, it doesn't make you right to kill people. Comprende?

The same rule applies to relationships - if someone hurts you, it doesn't make you right to hurt them back. Ever heard of the proverb, "the higher you climb, the harder you will fall"? Exactly what just happened to me.

For three months my hopes were kept up, when in actual fact by now I should have let go and moved on already.

Guys and girls, if you don't love a person anymore, make it clear that they know about it. Never play around with their feelings, and make them feel that they still have a chance with you (if they do want to). Telling them to just let go and move on will hurt them much less, than when you keep putting it off so that "you won't hurt them".

Trust me, it hurts much less when you let them know right away.

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