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Monday, September 24, 2012

My face

I have a naturally squarish face, which are adorned with unevenly large eyes, a somewhat bulbous nose, and full but downturned lips. My eyebrows are somewhat angled and set in a way that I have this "glaring" look all the time, even more so after I started grooming my brows.

My poker face would be not your typical girl face - it would be a face that most people would consider an angry or upset face. My mouth is much more downturned when I have other things on my mind, which makes me somewhat unapproachable.

The thing is, people actually think that I'm in a bad mood or upset or whatever, when actually I'm just thinking. What, you want me to be constantly smiling? I assure you, that would be very scary, especially if I'm holding a knife.

Perhaps it's my problem that I don't take the initiative to talk to people who think that way, but then again, I'm like them - they don't look as if they're in a mood to talk, so I don't talk to them.

Then again, if I have offended or hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally, I would really appreciate it you would tell me up front. One man's sense is another man's nonsense - what I think is alright to do might not agree with everyone. I often offend or hurt people without knowing it, and I really appreciate it when they tell me what doesn't agree with them, so that I don't do it again in the future.

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