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Friday, August 3, 2012

Afternoon with a buddy

Basically I almost only keep in contact with one of my classmates from high school, and every now and then we meet up for a movie and lunch.

Total Recall movie poster. The one with Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel.

We watched Total Recall today, starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. The movie is set it the not-too-distant future on Earth, when radiation has rendered the entire world uninhabitable except for two places - The Colony, and the United Federation of Britain, located at polar opposites of the world, and is connected by a travel tube running through the core of the Earth.

Doug lives a mundane life, but keeps feeling that something is missing. A special "therapy" called Rekall helps clients give them memories of their wildest dreams, anything they desire. Doug's visit there turns his entire world upside down.

I'm not gonna give spoilers, but it's action packed and hot. A little lacking in a real, captivating storyline, though (personal opinion). The interesting part was the 3-boobed hooker, though...

After getting the tickets and before going into the theater, I got myself a long-desired Auntie Anne's pretzel. They didn't have the chocolate mint flavor that I wanted, and the lady at the counter was impatiently rambling the available flavors to me, I just settled for the garlic.

What it was, was just an original pretzel dusted with garlic powder. No, dusted is an understatement. I should use "buried" - there was enough powder in that paper sachet that contained my pretzel to coat two pretzels.

At first eating it was alright, just a little to hot and sharp every once in a while, but once I got to the bottom, and that was the area with the highest saturation of garlic powder. I couldn't take it and threw the last third of the pretzel out. I wasn't gonna look like a hyperventilating seal in the middle of a mall.

During the movie I got myself a cup of overpriced mango juice, which was served in a plastic slushee cup. I thought juices were supposed to be in paper or plastic cups with flat lids?

Seafood macaroni gratin - RM18.00

We had lunch at Pasta Zanmai. I ordered their seafood pasta in miso cream sauce from their August special menu, while she had a seafood macaroni gratin. Both were delectable, but my pasta's appearance fell extremely short from the image on the menu. All items are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.

Seafood pasta in miso cream sauce - RM26.00 (August Special)
Notice the difference between the picture and the original.

I know for a fact that food images on the menus are half-cooked, rotated to the most appealing angle, and possibly retouched, but c'mon, at least make it look like there's seafood in it. As opposed to the abundance of shrimp, clams, and scallops in the image on the menu, there was only one shrimp, half a clam shell and no scallop in sight on the real thing (but it was revealed that they were all buried by the pasta).

Teriyaki hotate - RM12.00

As a last, impromptu decision we ordered a teriyaki hotate (scallops). The scallops themselves were fresh, but to our "expert" opinions, they charred them too much, and somehow the teriyaki sauce tasted a bit weird with scallops.

We took a little walk through the rather new Forever 21 (WITH TWO FLOORS) and checked out some of the shoes. I saw and tried on a pair of floral stiletto pumps, and they were so gorgeous and feminine. Blame my lack of cash for not buying them right away. XD

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