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Saturday, June 9, 2012

May haul

Didn't get too many things in May...

Bottom left: pencil brush - RM5 (functions well enough so far); bottom right: fluffy eye shadow brush - RM10.

Firstly, two brushes (synthetic hair) from a campus bazaar. In total I only spent RM15 for both of them, and so far they work flawlessly. I finally got the fluffy shadow brush that I wanted, and the pencil brush.

I also got a Hello Kitty T-shirt (price unknown) from my aunt, which she purchased from Uniqlo in Hong Kong. To be honest, I don't like round-neck T-shirts which fit snugly to my neck and is straight at the waist, because it doesn't really help my shape too much. But the print is pretty~

I really think that's all for May.

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