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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Current fitness diary

Been swamped with mid-semester exams (20% of overall grade) and assignments that I (we) rarely have the energy to go to the gym - in fact we skipped an entire week, if memory serves me right. I was feeling utterly guilty, because I was wolfing down double servings of noodles and lots of Tim Tams and Kit Kats. I had to do something.

My general gym routine is about 40 minutes on treadmill, alternating between brisk walking, running and climbing. Then I do a few sets of about 10-15 each of chin-ups and biceps curls on the machines, topped off with about 40-60 seconds of planking.

My mum is still pondering on whether to get a treadmill (I'm still struggling to understand why - she wanted to opt for a FOLDABLE one, which I find a bit dodgy), and having to drive specially to a maze of a park just to do running won't do, especially when I need to see numbers to keep myself motivated.

All I can do is do some exercises so that I don't feel as guilty. Since I spend most of my time in the gym on the treadmill working my cardio and legs, I'd work on the less worked areas that I'd like to tone, such as my arms and my abs.

Super simple - alternate sets of:

  • 10-15 push-ups [arms] (I do the half-push-ups, meaning I'm on my knees instead of my toes)
  • 10-15 crunches [abs]
  • 40-60 seconds of planking [core muscles + abs]

I'd repeat until I was tired, and that's usually it. If I feel like it I'd give it another few repetitions of it later in the day. Walking in heels help with the leg toning, though you'd be more prone to blisters and a potential spinal problem.

Where eating is concerned, I don't really pick out the fats and stuff like I used to about a month ago. But I'm really trying to moderate on the chocolate and the milk, whenever it's available in the fridge. Especially some of the pastries that my sister brings home after classes...

For example, I had a giant plate of linguine carbonara with parmesan cheese, then helped finish about one seventh (or more) of a 1/3 sheet Baskin Robbins ice cream cake (Jamoca flavor with vanilla cake). But I kind of balanced it out by walking to and fro between the academic and commercial blocks on 3.5 inch heels.

Some weeks ago after a heavy meal at Pasta Zanmai, I took something like a body mass test at a fitness promo at Mid Valley. It calculated everything through some kind of kind of waveform that passes through the body.

Depending on various factors, everyone has different calorie requirements, and it is possible to "count your calories", though I don't care much for that. This test shows how many calories I need in a day, which is under BMR. Eating less than that number will already help with losing weight.

Overall, I find that my cardio has only improved slightly, but muscle-wise, I've gotten stronger.

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