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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April haul

Mostly clothing items, the highlight being the Factory Outlet Store clearance sale at Hotel Sri Petaling.

The highlight were the items that were priced RM3 and up. Well, some of them were - the thongs being an exception (RM1) - while the rest were all 70% off. And the prices were BEAUTIFUL especially after discount~

What I got:

Maroon long-sleeved shirt by Gia - RM43.00 - 70% = RM12.90

The first thing that I got was a maroon long-sleeved ladies' cut shirt. I didn't have a mind to get a shirt, but I was browsing and I saw this lovely maroon shirt (along with other colors like white, baby blue and whatnot) and it immediately captured my heart - this would definitely inject some color to my formal wardrobe.

Knitted tank tops by Old Navy - RM3.00 each

I didn't really need tank tops, but I wanted a few for gym - I wear more or less the same three tops (and shorts, which was also on my shopping list) to the gym, about 3-4 times a week. I got two knitted tanks, a deep emerald green and a sky blue (the same colors my sister got for my mum) from the RM3 baskets.

Maxi dress by Heart Soul - RM53.00 - 70% =  RM15.90

Along with the maroon shirt, I found some lovely maxi dresses. At 70% off. Superbly lovely. Anyways, I went through the entire basket looking for alternate designs (some had their straps yanked off), but I settled with this lovely green toned one (though I think it's a tad bit big for me, guess I have to tweak the elastic strap part a bit so that it would fit better). Wearing this is dangerous - the front and back are both really low (especially as it doesn't fit well), so wearing a brassiere would be ugly. Yes, I wore this - braless - to campus.

Light khaki corduroy skirt (brand unknown) - RM35.00 - 70% = RM10.50

I've only heard of corduroy skirts in high school fiction books in font size 32 (I think). While looking for shorts, I spotted corduroy, and upon closer inspection, under all those kid's leggings and weird pants and whatnot were skirts! As for the skirt, I did try it on by pulling it over my cargos (there were no fitting cubicles available).

Brown kid-size T-shirt - RM3.00

I also got a random kid-sized T-shirt to practice my T-shirt cutting. I sort of failed when I cut up my green Singapore T-shirt (I cut out too much of the collar, so it became an off-shoulder top).

Somewhat embarrassing but I also got a number of the aforementioned thongs by H&M. Contrary to what my mum and sister thinks about thongs, they're actually quite comfortable to wear, provided that you wear them properly.

That's all I got from the F.O.S clearance sale - the only pair of shorts that I found was snatched by my younger sister. There were some good-looking white cargo pants at RM10 each, but all of them were SOOOO LONG in the leg.

Practically every trip we make to Mid Valley now involves a visit to the ever-crowded Vincci. Vincci, Vincci+ and Vincci Accessories are brought in by Padini, and the Mid Valley branch has all of them crowded into two shop units.

Heels are my weakness - it would be logical if you had a taller sister mocking you for your height almost 24/7. Yeah, it's fun for the mocker, but for the victim, not much so. Anyway, I love heels - as tall as you can please, but not chunky. I like the heels - wedges and stilettos alike - slim and tapered, and slightly curving away from the end of the shoe, which is contrary to the current trend.

Anyway, my mum dreads it when I visit shoe stores - I tend to reach for the sky-high (4-6 inch range) platforms. Her main concern is whether I can walk in them properly, which proves that she hasn't seen me walking in my 4.5 inch wedges before (R.I.P my beloved blue-strapped wedges).

What I got:

The last time I purchased a pair of ballerinas from the Sunway Pyramid branch of Vincci, which was only half a size too small, but killed my feet. Until now, the huge scab that was a result of the blister that was a result of those ballerinas has still not healed. Note to self: never buy hard-bodied ballerinas. Instead I got some nice, soft, grey polkadot ones, like my previous green ones. They're extremely comfortable, maybe because I got them in a half size bigger (my foot size is 7.5, or 39/40).

I think these qualify as pumps? Anyway, these sling-back peep-toe heels are the only pair of heels to date that my mum approves of (those above 2 inches, anyway). These are much shorter than my other pairs - my blue wedges were 4.5 inch, my silver ones are 3.5 inch. These are 2.5 inches, and also in half a size larger, which proved to be the wrong choice - not two blisters, 5 on one foot.

That's it for April. I don't buy much, unless I need it, and unless it's like something that I think is quite special, I probably won't post it up. Like the three bottles of tea tree oil that I got from The Body Shop the same day I got the shoes - those are my back-up skincare stock, and I've been using it for a couple of years now (works like a miracle potion most of the time).

Next haul post at the start of June, if I do get anything in May.

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