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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life so far

University just started two weeks ago, and while lessons are going alright, timetables are preposterous - at the start of the semester they give you your timetable, saying it's the latest copy. A few days down the road there are x number of changes in it, and it's all posted in different places: portal, BB7 and e-mail.

Anyway, I just got my student ID a few days ago and I look HORRIBLE. My face is absolutely ROUND, and it looks as if I have a fake orange spray-tan. God help me, this will last for three years. Even my foundation programme ID photo didn't look so bad. Ugh. What happened to all the picture day make-up videos I've watched?

For some reason, I've been seeing a lot of Hummers on the roads these days. I fell in love with the Hummer ever since I first saw it on some action movie, many years ago. Ever since, I've had a fetish for oversized, masculine cars.

Sure, Lamborghinis and Porches would catch my attention, but the only car that would really make me crave for it are the Hummers, or possibly a tank, or my dream car, the Nissan Skyline. I have a hunch that I have more testosterone in me than normal in other girls, which explains my more masculine attitude towards certain things.

Le Hummer H2~

Tropicana is a housing area that is renowned for its more wealthy residents. The guy who owns the 9- and 12-meter stretch Hummers live around that area. We were having lunch near the Clubhouse that day and saw this Hummer H2 parked outside.

Le Hummer H3~

Another we went all the way to Sungai Buloh to have some "standing chicken" (which was, to be honest, just a roast chicken that was mercilessly hung by its neck to make it upright), I spotted another Hummer H3 parked outside (why are both Hummers under the sun?).

Speaking of being under the sun, one day I parked my baby (my dear Satria Neo) under the hot sun at the free parking lot on campus that is affectionately called "moo-moo", because of the cows that used to pass by that place.

It's free, but it doesn't have shade, and the ground is either stones, sand or mud (further back). Where parking is concerned at Taylor's Lakeside, the earlier you get there the better. There's no parking available from 8-11am, because most classes are around that time. So, like my sister, if you have classes at 9 or 10am, get there by 7.30am, regardless of whether you're planning to park at the basement, beside the lake, behind the lake or even at moo-moo.

What you see first.
When you flip it...

Back to that day I parked my baby under the sun. I think Taylorians have heard of the Garden of Eden, Taylor's University's first ever annual prom? For promotion purposes, the committee found some people to put this troll notice on everyone's car at the moo-moo.

Even where I parked so far, there it was - that piece of paper that gives you a heart attack, because it says that someone scratched your car and his/her number is on the other side of the piece of paper. They really went all out for this campaign, because I wouldn't be one of those volunteers that would walk out all the way under the merciless sun just to have people throw that piece of paper away.

Basically the ultimate skin-care food~

On the day we went for the standing chicken, we also had some really good stuff - deep-sea coconut, with longans, white fungus and bird's nest~

I'm a super-duper fan of Japan. Language, culture and all. About 8 years ago I started learning Japanese - the real Japanese: hiragana, katakana and kanji, not just romanizations. Recently I bought a book on learning Japanese language, the male, female, senior, junior, polite and impolite forms.

It provides both romanizations and Japanese characters, but the romanizations are Americanized. Where the correct romanization should be te (て/手: hand), it is printed as tay. Being used to reading lyrics in the proper (in my opinion) romanizations, this made me confused.

That's it for this filler post. I have a make-up tutorial coming up, but I'm not in the mood yet to complete it.

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