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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J-Pop, J-Rock & visual kei Vs. K-Pop & K-Rock

Previously I did a "review" on NoMiNwOOx's video on visual kei vs. K-Pop. For some unfathomable reason, he deleted that video. To NoMiNwOOx if you're reading this: WHY?! That video was awesomesauce!

Anyway he commented on the linked post that I should watch another one of his videos that he has made, and asked me to review it. Why not? Oh, yeah, bring out all the confetti and party poppers 'cause this is the first time anyone has ever asked me to do a post~~~ *jumping around like a maniac*

Straight to the point. I'll apologize first, because I know that my previous review on this topic was biased, and I had expressed a lot of anger. I shall, again, try to be as unbiased as I possibly can with this. Though some might think I'm still biased.

First, here's the video. I like the way he allowed more preview time on each comparison~

So here's what he/she compared.

Mad$hip by SuG vs Warrior by BAP - DRAW
At first glance, both videos have almost the same style, but this is really different from SuG's LoveScream Party. I'll always love J-rock sounds, but I'm baffled by BAP's rap part. It's was like even better than T.O.P in Fantastic Baby. I'll have to say that I love both of them~

Gimme Gimme by SuG vs Face by Nu'est - JAPAN
One of the reasons why I love SuG so much is that they are so CUTE. Being an oshare band, they came through with this, but the video looked a bit sadistic. Nu'est, on the other hand, gave me an entirely different perspective - dark, emotional, strong. The girl in me goes for SuG.

Chaosmyth by One Ok Rock vs T'ik T'ak by Seo Taiji - JAPAN
The name is Chaosmyth, but the lyrics go like this: "dream as if you will live forever, and live as if you'll die today". How much more inspirational can you get? Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of live performances, I found that T'ik T'ak a bit messy, where sound and performance were concerned. But my first glimpse of K-rock left me with a good impression~

Melody by Ayabie vs Sherlock by Shinee - KOREA
Melody sounded quite mediocre, to be honest. Apart from GazettE, Kagrra,, and Versailles, I find that most visual kei bands have almost the same style in music. Sherlock, apart from Taemin's long, flat-ironed hair, caught my heart. Despite being deeply annoyed by Shinee (blame my younger sister for this), I actually like their songs.

Eve by Vidoll vs Blue by BigBang - KOREA
I've only heard two songs from Vidoll, but where K-Pop is concerned, BigBang is my all-time favorite. But biases aside, sad to say Eve doesn't really get my attention, but I like their melody and the drummer. BigBang wins this round~

Senkou by Alice Nine vs Heartbreaker by G-Dragon - DRAW
I think the video creater is out to kill me - my boyfriend's favorite band is Alice Nine, after GazettE, and he's comparing it with GD? Heartbreaker, no less. Oh, well. Alice Nine's vocalist Shou has one of the most unique voices in the VK industry, and Senkou was my first ever A9 song. However, my heart is captured by GD as well...

Horizon by D'espairsRay vs Bermuda by Seo Taiji - KOREA
I find it quite rare that there's rap in visual kei music, and D'espairsRay's dark style is kinda my thing. Bermuda's video seemed quite sadistic, and I still don't get the falling keyboard thingy, but I do admire his vocals.

Red by the GazettE vs Fantastic Baby by BigBang - KOREA
WHY??!! GazettE is my all-time favorite band, and so is BigBang, and now to choose between them? Fine. As much as I'm a fan of GazettE, Red isn't on my favorites list. But Fantastic Baby is. Even before Blue, Fantastic Baby has been a favorite~


J-fans can bash me all they want. The fact that Korea won this round doesn't mean I'm any less devoted to J-Rock and visual kei.

Before I've even started watching the video, I'm seeing a lot of negative comments, especially from this one Youtuber called porcelainkittenx, whose profile has been disabled because I can't find it. The J-fans are bashing the K-fans, and vice versa.

To claim that one's interest is superior than the other is fine, no harm done. But to bash them and call the other a retard for being a fan is way too much. I'm not only referring to the K-fans such as porcelainkittenx, but to some of the J-fans as well.

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