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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Haul items and random stuff

Be warned. This post consists of completely random things in no particular order. But first, on with the few things that I purchased recently, before my Penang holiday, to be exact. (pic heavy)

I've just run out of pencil eyeliner, and decided to get one, but this time I wanted a true black one (the Stay-On Pencil Eyeliner from Elianto had a deep blue undertone). I tested a few and this one seemed the most promising.

Made in Czech, the Elianto Ultra-Define Eyeliner Pencil in Twilight Black cost me RM10.80 on offer, the original price is RM12. It's also available in brown. It's a pencil that comes with a snugly-fitting plastic cap to help protect the tip of the product, and has a feminine, yet edgy flower print on the packaging.


  • true black color
  • fairly pigmented
  • creamy formula helps smudging it easily (stop it smudging by setting it with black eye shadow)
  • economic
  • waterproof
  • quite hard, thus somewhat difficult to apply
  • needs to be sharpened every now and then, in contrast to retractable ones
I know this is waterproof (somewhat) because I forgot to remove my make-up before my shower (which I usually do) and it only smudged slightly. Oh, and I also wore it to the gym (I sweat worse than the guys there).

At long last I have them - the Lord of the Rings books. I've watched the first and third movie, and am intrigued by the storyline. However, it's only after 6 years that I decided to purchase them. This gift set from MPH costs RM129.90.

Thin as they may look, I've checked them - the print and spacing is tight. Can't wait to read them, but I still have one book to read ...

I got to know Snow Flower and the Secret Fan from my classmate when we were discussing ideas for a video assignment, since it was made into a movie she shared the link of the trailer. The story seemed interesting enough, but I guess I should have expected that the movies are almost always better than the books, in some ways.

Lisa See, who's the author, is part Chinese, but she looks like a complete Caucasian. Never mind that. I've only read the first chapter and I feel the Amy Tan-style of storytelling coming through. Although The Kitchen God's Wife and Joy Luck Club were hit novels, they mainly described how women from China went through war, poverty, suffering and all that.

Anyway I've yet to continue reading this - for the past few years reading hasn't been an interest, it's become a mood thing, as compared to my younger days when I would stick to the book through everything until I finished it.

I also bought a pair of coral ballerina flats from a Vincci sale (50% off), but right now they're still too tight, especially at the back of the foot - my blister is still open.


Now for the random part.

I know the hot app now is Draw Something, but I'm still playing Temple Run. And note that this particular quote from this particular character (the cop) has a typo. And ...

I have no idea how long I sat there playing this, but I have finally broken past the 10 million score barrier! Secret? Luck. And a certain amount of fast double tapping to revive from "death". And collecting lots of coins.

Went back to Dami a few weeks ago for an actual lunch, for once. Since I wasn't really hungry, I opted for the egg, dried tofu and cucumber platter and a cup of comforting honey milk tea.

The alternative to this platter is the one with rice, or the ones with braised pig ears or ... something else braised. It's been ages since I last ate this - this was the selection for lunch very often when I was working there, and though my mum has other opinions about the food at Dami, it's the most comforting place to have a meal there.

The honey milk tea was oh-so-fragrant and warming - the honey that they used to make it was so penetrating, and it went so well with the sweetness of the milk tea.

Some strawberries in the fridge, and so I thought hey, why not pair it with cream. That cream in the picture was hand-whipped, with icing sugar to taste. Together with the strawberries? DECADENT.

Chicken roulade paired with a stew of carrots, potatoes and morrel.

Duck confit (duck meat and fat cooked in more duck fat), served with filo pastry rounds. It extremely addictive, but then again, if you're concerned with calories and cholesterol, steer clear of this.

Jeanna's house cling film, foil and kitchen towel dispenser. I want this for my future house.

The keychain that my sister chose for me. Made from rubber.

Nothing beats a good glass of wine. I'm not experienced in the field of wine, but I can differentiate a smooth one from a hard one. According to my wine-pro uncle, this white wine is specifically from Marlborough in New Zealand, because the water there is the ingredient that gives the wine it's unique flavor.

This wine was really smooth, but it had a little bite to it, which my sister called the "young bite", because the wine was still quite young.

No, they did not burn the bread. This is the popular black charcoal bread. We had breakfast at SBread at The Gardens about a week ago, and this is what I ordered - otak-otak toast. Where the toast is concerned, you have a choice of white bread and black charcoal bread.

The bread just tasted like regular bread, which I didn't expect. Anyway it was just mediocre.

I have to say goodbye to both of my favorite heels - my 2009 Jess boots (RM99.90 at that time) and my blue strappy wedges.

For the boots, I have to throw them out because they have been permanently damaged by walking at the Great Wall of China (yes, I was a bimbo) and storage - the soles are coming off, the "membrane" of the leather material is detaching, and the whole thing more or less deteriorated and lost it's firm structure that captivated me when I first tried them on.

Among all my toe-covering shoes, it's the shape of these boots that compliments me the best - sharp toe, round toe, and square toe shoes all look weird on me.

As for my strappy wedges, the entire ankle strap has come off, detached from between the sole and heel. They were fun, colorful, tall, and most of all COMFORTABLE. Well, it's time I graduated to stilettos.

Peach and honeydew pudding smoothie from Zhia's Kitchen. Nothing beats a fruity cold smoothie after a tough workout at the gym~

Another fruity drink from Backofen. This is the soda twist, pomegranate. I initially wanted red raspberry, but the manager came over saying, "darling, I'm afraid I'm out of raspberry". It was nice - fruity, and gassy~

This is actually vanilla ice cream with whizzed praline. Assorted nuts, coated with caramel, left to harden, broken up into pieces then whizzed up into powdery bits in a blender/food processor. This is my second favorite McFlurry~

My favorite since I was a kid, but with a twist. Kuih kapit is a traditional pancake, much like a crepe, but instead of using a pan, the batter is put into a mold which consists of a lever mechanism, and at both ends a pattern that is transferred onto every pancake.

This one is the one with chicken floss in it. Good, but I prefer the original ones, which come in tins like the one in the picture, but since the cakes are shaped like fans (the circle fold in half twice), each layer has four cakes~

Time for some narcissism. One night I just cried really hard, then the next morning I woke up with a really swollen right eye, and a slightly swollen left one. Since I was going out somewhere I thought I'd slap on some make-up. Surprisingly it looked quite good.

To balance things out I tried using my unused eyelid tape and taped out a higher crease (if you look closely you can see the tape at the inner part of my left eye. I suddenly became kawaii gyaru~

The eyelid tape doesn't work, though. Whether it's my eyes or whatever, however I adjust it, it still shows, and quite obviously at that. And you're supposed to apply your eye shadow on the tape if you're using it, but it makes it even more obvious.

My sister, her curls done by me. It was a change from her usual lanky hair, but I felt that the curls were a bit too tight (used the wrong curler). While everyone quietly said it looked a bit too old, my mum was all out for it.

She wore this to my uncle's pre-wedding buffet, and although I sprayed everything heavily with hairspray, the lack of mousse prior to curling had the wilting halfway through the buffet.

This is most recent. For the past couple of days I've been parking at the basement parking (RM3) because I'll be at campus from morning (8/9am) to afternoon, so paying RM3 would be more worth than paying for a couple hours of parking.

And since the tokens are reused, I got this one today - someone (probably a meme fan) wrote "Y U NO FREE?!" on the token. LMAO.

Well, that's the end of the randomness.

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