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Friday, March 9, 2012

120 palette

Most 120 palettes have no particular brand, but I've seen some made by Manly and Beauties Factory. Some of them are also different compared to mine, but I think they're essentially the same.

I purchased my 120 palette about a year ago (I think even more than that) at Lash Bar in Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. It costed me RM60 or RM65, forgot which, but somewhere around there.

Lash Bar, as the name suggests, offers a wide range of false lashes, from natural enchancing, to downright drag-style drama. The more common ones are sold in boxes of around a dozen, the more dramatic lashes are sold individually (in pairs of course).

They also provide lipstick palettes, contour & highlight palettes, other shadow palettes (77 & 88 palettes from Coastal Scents), blush palettes, and make-up brushes (natural squirrel hair if my memory serves me right).

Back to the 120 palette.


  • needless to say huge range of matte, shimmer and metallic colors
  • most colors are highly pigmented
  • comes in stackable palettes in a black acrylic case
  • compact for easy storage (where 120 colors are concerned it's quite compact)
  • color pots are fairly large (lasts longer)
  • comes with different textures and/or shades of the same color for more choice of color

  • extremely fragile (say bye-bye the moment it slips from your hands toward the floor)
  • some colors are less pigmented than others
  • some pigmented colors are prone to fallout

The price of the 120 palette from Lash Bar is quite reasonable. However, the price that I researched before I purchased it was around RM120 to RM150 including shipping fees.

When deciding whether to purchase, it would be better to consider whether you would use up so many colors at all. I usually only use some specific colors from between the first to the 60th color (the top palette), so for me to use up all the colors, I'll have to buck up and start experimenting.

If you're not into so many colors or won't use so many, the 77 or 88 palette from Coastal Scents would be a better option. Coastal Scents is a licensed cosmetic dealer based in the USA, so even if you can only purchase online (and also from some local authorized dealers, I know Haze Long sells the 88 and 120 palette), you can rest assured that they're not generic brands with unknown ingredients.

In a lot (alright, 99%) of my make-up tutorials, I only address the color that I'm using from the 120 palette. At first I used Haze Long's chart for the colors, but a few months back she took it down (I think she did, because I can't find it).

Anyhow, here's a chart for you.

I'll put a link to the image for every tutorial that uses the 120 palette so everyone has a better picture of the colors that I use. I took this picture with natural directional light. It was around 3-4pm, and the only place with a nice floor and sufficient light was my mum's room, and the light came in diagonally.

The shimmer colors tend to be more pigmented than the matte colors. When using this palette I would recommend that you do your eyes before foundation to make cleaning the fallouts easier. Basically if you had this palette, with the right tools and techniques, it can be a multifunctional palette - blush, contour, highlight.

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