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Friday, February 17, 2012

L'Arc~en~Ciel is coming to Singapore!!!

Great news, J-rock lovers! Laruku is coming (actually going, technically, because I live in Malaysia) to Singapore!!! It's a complete dream come true! Never in my life would I think that they would come so near!

HERE is the link to the events page. You can get some extra information from there.

The first Laruku song I ever heard was MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM, which was absolutely heavenly, with hyde's vocals and ken, yukihiro and tetsu's amazing music skills. Did you know? Most of the songs that Laruku plays are composed and written by hyde? Those that are in the Awake album, anyway.

I can't believe that I can stand a chance to see them live for once in my life, and no longer off my computer screen! I think I can die in peace after the concert.

I wanted to write a shitass long post, but right now I'm speechless with excitement and joy - I'm already planning what to wear, what make-up to do, how I should do my nails, how we're gonna go there, etc. With consent of my aunt, I think I can bunk there for one night, because the concert is on a Saturday night, so probably, we (BF and me) will somehow get there on Saturday afternoon, attend the concert, then get back by Sunday evening.

The previous concert that I wanted to go to, which was the GazettE's Tokyo Dome finale, was way out of the way, and much too expensive. THIS IS JUST A 4-HOUR DRIVE SOUTH, AND THE VENUE IS SO CLOSE TO MY AUNT'S HOUSE!!! This is a bloody DREAM COME TRUE, I TELL YOU!

I can somehow accept not being able to go for the Tokyo Dome concert, but THIS IS THE CONCERT THAT I'M DETERMINED NOT TO MISS!!!

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