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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Haul

I usually don't shop or buy things for fun, but this month I got a few things that I've been wanting to get for quite some time.

Magnifying vanity mirror with stand. Black plastic. RM12.90 @ NuLycie Sdn. Bhd.
NuLycie is a wholesale emporium located at #17 Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur, near Petaling Street. The three-floor unit provides lots of stuff - stickers, toys, keychains, car accessories, bags, clothes, etc. The twerp likes getting her stickers from NuLycie, and for the first time I browsed the upper floors. My main objectives were to find car accessories, but none of them fit my criteria, so I walked around some more and finally found a magnifying mirror.

It does not, by all means, magnify much, but compared to normal mirrors it does the job. The problem is, I always do my make-up facing my room window, without a table. So basically all my previous mirrors were hand-held or held by my knees if I needed both hands to work. However this is much better than a tiny speck of a mirror, or an entire full length mirror.

Black and chrome teardrop earrings. Wire and thread weave. RM10.
My mum was looking for a shop that sold rattan weave products, and found this one near a hotel. If I remember correctly it's on the same row as the Swiss-Inn Hotel, and is opposite another hotel. Inside were all kinds of cute craft items, and while my mum and dad were selecting batik photo frames, my sister and I were examining all the accessories - earrings, chokers, bracelets, etc.

Hair accessories. Pink plastic (clip); black and clear resin (hair ties). Price unknown @ Seri Petaling night market.
Seri Petaling actually has two night markets - at the petrol station beside Endah Parade, and another one that spans from The Store right into the parking lot behind Ye Look Restaurant, all around Yamaha Music. I needed a hair clip that was in shape, because the one I had had a few twisted "teeth" and kept pulling at my hair.

Where hair ties are concerned, my all-time favorite are the "telephone cords". They were pretty popular since two years ago, which caused quite a boom in my high school, and as the naive girl I was, I followed the "trend". Since then, any other hair tie didn't work, though the "telephone cords" tended to get pretty loose when I used it back then.

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner. For oily/combination skin. RM47 @ The Body Shop, Sunway Pyramid.
I've never really been very worried about toners, because my mum and a magazine article told me that most toners do basically the same thing. Some Youtube gurus say otherwise. Anyhow I've always included toner as a part of my skin regime, but I never payed much attention as to what toner I'm using.

I recently ran out of toner, and while passing by The Body Shop outlet at Sunway Pyramid I remembered that I had an RM60 voucher from a previous purchase of moisturizer and lots of eye gels. The salesgirl recommended that I top up my purchase to use up the RM60, but from what was left of the amount, I couldn't get anything else that I needed to I just passed.

This toner feels nice though - it smells nice, and it gives a very nice, tingly feeling to the skin. It only takes around two shakes onto a cotton pad for the entire face, with a bit left for the neck. So far I haven't seen much results yet, but I've noticed that my blackheads and oil seeds aren't "growing" anymore.

Hatsune Miku doll. 10" height. Complete with leek. Price unknown @ Ipoh Parade.
This isn't actually a haul item but my Valentine's present from BF. The price is around RM30+, somewhere around that price. It's slightly different than the original Miku (original has black sleeves and teal hair; this doll has grey sleeves and icy blue hair).

Everything is basically a mixture of synthetic material, cotton fabric and felt, filled with most probably polyester filling. The leek is part of her image, which is something a lot of people have been questioning me about. If you don't know who Hatsune Miku is, it's high time that you check her out. Even Michelle Phan has done a make-up tutorial of Miku.

Sunvisor CD Pocket. 30 x 14.5cm. With elastic bands for attachment and netting pocket for smaller items. RM5 @ Daiso, The Mines.
Since I got a car I wanted something to store my CDs in, and now I have it. This thing can store up to 12 CDs and is made of non-woven fabric.

The good thing about getting stuff from Daiso is that you know that everything is good quality. Food stuff, cosmetics, household items, you name it. The food stuff on the shelves are never expired, the cosmetic products are regularly restocked. To be honest, I only trust RM5 cosmetics from Daiso. Usually if you get them anywhere else at that price, it's some generic brand from China with unknown ingredients.

The downside to Daiso products is that there are some products which labels' are completely in Japanese. Although some of them have illustrations to guide you through the method of usage, sometimes they're not enough.

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