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Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Gift Deco

Instead of a box of random stuff that I got for the BF's last birthday, I decided to get something much more simple for him for Valentine's this year, which is ... I can't say, 'cause I haven't given it to him yet.

I can show him the wrapping, though. I got this standard wrapping paper from Memory Lane for RM2, and just randomly wrapped his present with it. I couldn't find a suitably sized box for it, so I just skipped getting a box altogether and wrapped his gift in the plastic wrapper that came with it.

I'm not a good gift wrapper as it is, and asking me to gift-wrap a none-angular, soft item would be potentially disastrous. My attempt at wrapping the BF's Valentine's present turned out alright - at least it looked normal, but a tad bit plain.

Most people would dress up plain wrapping with some ribbon, but since I don't have ribbon - or rather I'm too chicken and lazy to go through ALL of my mum's stuff looking for ribbon - I took a little inspiration from the BF's birthday present.

I gave him a jumble of stuff that I put in a box last year, and instead of letting everything roll and move around the box, I filled up the gaps with paper stars. I didn't make them purposely, but my sister and I had a hobby of making them when we were younger, and now we have bottles and jars lying around, filled with paper stars. Surprisingly they made very nice and functional "packing peanuts".

Full view with flash
Full view without flash

Back to the topic, instead of using ribbon, I just took a few shiny stars that I found in my old Starbucks Frappucino bottle and just stuck it randomly at a corner of the present with some tape that I folded over itself. I considered using Superglue for that, but then I remembered that I had a tendency to mess up everything and get my fingers stuck together.

Close up with flash
Close up without flash

There you go. Looks a little weird, but in my opinion it looks better than just the plain wrapping paper because it kinda looks like a wallet/purse.

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