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Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's been a year ♥

On January 5th, 2011, at 12.54am, the BF and I officially got together. It kinda surprised me that we've been together for a year. I'll be honest, in my past relationships I thought "this is the one". By the time I was together with the BF, I was already paranoid and thought this wouldn't last. Time has proven me wrong.

Here's a quick recap of our relationship in the past year.

January 5th - officially got together (changed Facebook status)
January 24th - first date at Berjaya Times Square, watched The Tourist, and had Marrybrown for lunch
Somewhere in February - met his friends officially (Zhi Sung & Ivan, Yong Ken & Kim Loong)
April - I started university
Around July - he went to Pangkor Laut Resort for four month for internship
24th September - took a break from internship, officially met his mum and stepdad for movie and lunch
October - back from internship

That just about summarizes the highlights of the entire year. Of course, much more stuff happened in between - the arguments, the sweet moments, a lot of other dates, and a lot of masochism on my part (I cut myself during a telephone argument once, regretted it).

All in all, lots of impatience, compromises and tolerance, as well as dedication, loyalty and love has been put into this relationship. I really hope all of it is worth it.

How we celebrated? Well... This year our anniversary fell on a Thursday, so obviously we had to either celebrate it early or late. We opted for the late celebration. How? By having a rather shitty day at Mid Valley.

Mum dropped us there, and truthfully, I'm not a real fan of the Mission Impossible series, neither do I find Tom Cruise so attractive that I would watch the movies just to see him. Our initial plan was to watch either The Awakening or Jack and Jill. Then out of the blue BF said he wanted to check for seats availability for MI4: Ghost Protocol. I wasn't too happy about it at first, but I let it pass anyway.

Then off to Chatime to get some morning Chas. I had myself a Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly, and Bf had a Mango Green Tea. I had one more slot on my redemption card, so by right one cup was free. In the end I just got a 60% discount on the second cup. Why is it that I can get an entirely free regular drink with any other topping at Taylor's Lakeside branch but I can't get it at Mid Valley?

There was nothing much we could do about it, so we just took our drinks and proceeded to idly walking around Mid Valley and The Gardens. Amazingly, we walked pointlessly for a few hours, while I dropped really heavy hints about things that I liked when I looked through store windows. Whether he got the hints is another story.

Before we went to the cinema for the movie, we stopped by Just Popiah for some crispy popiah. We wanted the Blue Crispy - tuna and spicy tuna. However, some miscommunication led us getting the original crispy popiah rather than the tuna ones. We watched her assemble the popiah, but by the time we found out that she was making the wrong order, she had already finished with the filling and was rolling it up. Oh well.

Contrary to my previous perception, MI4 was pretty good, despite the lack of good make-up for the ladies (in my opinion). Like always, GSC cinemas are goddamn cold. By the time the movie ended, I was completely thirsted from lack of liquid intake.

On the way to McDonald's, however, my slipper got stepped on again by BF. For the past few dates, regardless of my footwear, he's been stepping on my toes and/or shoes. That just made me trip and I was moody for the next half hour. I got my McFlurry, ate it, called me mum to see whether she could drive us home, and listened to a bit of feng shui tips from a "master" I have not seen before.

The day could have gone on longer but he was obviously more tired than I was, so why force him?

Dinner of the day was fried "dong fun" (tapioca glass noodles), and home-made strawberry shortcake to finish it off. Apologies again for the lack of pictures. Blogger's image uploader is not being friendly. Should I move my blog to Wordpress?

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