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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today was, to be honest, boring and interesting at the same time. I know, they're contradicting each other but the day really was.

For English, Melissa, Mahirah, Su, Wei Hua and I were the first to present - What is an Abstract and How to Select a Research Topic. It went pretty well, though I went on high-speed ranting again. I tend to do that when I'm nervous. We took a trip to the washroom, and found a beautiful, yet slightly awkward rainbow in the bathroom. I seldom get to see rainbows, because usually I don't observe these things too much.

After class we went to Zhia's Kitchen for lunch - I didn't know what to order so settled for the crispy chicken rice, which is essentially crisply fried chicken coated with roasted rolled oats with a hint of small chilies and curry leaves, served with rice and a bowl of salty soup.

Durex was having some kind of awareness roadshow at my campus today, and supposedly they were distributing condoms. Talk about awkward. We walked pass the booth after a trip to 7-11, and the pictures were gruesome. I won't go into detail.

We then proceeded to the library, booked one of the multimedia rooms and started doing our business assignment that was due at 5pm that day. We then took a drive to SS15 for Snowflake.

Snowflake is a Taiwanese dessert franchise that specializes in natural and authentic Taiwanese desserts. It's basically my first time eating Snowflake desserts, and to be honest I wasn't too interested at first because I wasn't too into yam, sweet potato and red beans in one bowl.

My views, however, were changed - I never really liked sweet potatoes, but the sweet potatoes in the desserts were wonderfully soft and sweet. Snowflake uses special balls in their desserts, namely Taroballs and ocha balls. Both of these are made from starch and are flavored accordingly, giving the entire dessert a delightfully chewy texture.

Jasmine and I shared one, and I like the portion size - not too big, not too small, and I find that the price is quite reasonable, seeing that this is a specialty dessert franchise. There are various selections available, so you can customize your bowl to your liking. I'm still not too sure of the menu yet because this sudden wave of "eureka" came over me I couldn't concentrate much on the menu.

How does Snowflake keep track of orders? Introducing the Beeping UFO. It works something like the number system, but this some some sensor disc that they give you, and when your order is ready, the whole thing will flash and vibrate - you won't miss it.

So this is what Jasmine and I shared - this is the newly launched Japan Combo II, which consists of soya ice (soya milk flavored ice shavings), red beans, ocha balls and baby pearls. The sweetness of the entire dessert is mellow, with the delightful concoction of textures from all the toppings.

Here's what the others ordered - I didn't take anything else from anyone else, except for the sweet potato cubes from Louis' bowl.

Jessica had for herself the cold signature Grass Jelly with Taroballs. It come with a small container of what I assume is sweetened cream/milk.

Su and Jeanna shared a bowl of Sea Amber Jelly. It's basically flavored shaved ice, with some sort of jelly and topped with a rather generous amount of pearls.

Louis and Chien Min shared a Best Seller Soya Ice with barley, sweet potato, grass jelly and pearls.

I really like the soya ice. Unless it's the canned type, the soya milk or soya flavored stuff I get is usually too bland or just so sweet that your tongue goes numb from the sweetness itself. This soya ice however, is just right, and I love that it's the type of ice that doesn't have it's flavor just melt off to become regular ice~

This is something like Chatime for me - it's a rare treat that burns a hole in my wallet. These things are considered a luxury for me, so everything in moderation~

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