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Monday, November 7, 2011

The past weekend

Well, the first thing isn't actually during the weekend but during a rainy morning on campus. I was super sleepy and walking to class when I saw this:

Supposedly a while later someone tore it off. Karen also made some OMG-I'm-in-heaven strawberry cheesecake one day~

Sis also made some eggy creamy pasta with seared, fresh marinated tuna

The entire week was pretty Korean - first we had Korean lunch at B Station...

... then I had dinner with family at Daorae in Seri Petaling.

Some spicy kimchi-ish soup.

Our first round of beef.
Second round - mixed platter.
Marinated lamb~
Cold noodles - supposedly like zaru soba but Korean style with kimchi.
The spring onion savory pancake~

I also got sick, by the way. Mostly fever, chills, headaches, and now I have a mild case of a sore throat.

My best friend during this time? The cooling sheets from Watsons~

Another miscellaneous thing is that we found a guy whose IGN in Maple during the Ani quest was Boooobies.

I'll keep the text short in this post.

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