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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Food pics

Just a couple of random pics of the food I've eaten the pass couple of days.

First. The asam laksa from I Love Yoo and a warm soy milk. The asam laksa sells for RM5.90 a bowl, with quite filling portions and lots of veggies, though the fish that day wasn't very fresh. The soy milk sells for RM2.90, and is quite alright for the price.

This is the Prawn Roe Baked Rice with Beef and Wasabi Sauce from Wong Kok Restaurant. Among all the baked rices, this is the cheapest - RM14.20. It's just rice and beef baked in a foil-lined bamboo basket, topped with an extremely generous amount of prawn roe and some mild wasabi sauce. If you're easily full, please do not order because this would make you feel extremely bloated due to the richness of the prawn roe. Take it from me - this is a person who loves eating talking.

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