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Friday, October 14, 2011

A jumble of updates

Lots of stuff has happened over the past week, took quite a few photos but never really got round to posting them up. Forgive me, though, if there is repetition of information - I'm seriously lacking sleep these days.

I went around "zombie"-ing around the house and found my favorite peanuts - Huang Fei Hong peanuts from China. It's amazing how it never really registered in my mind that there were cartons of them in my store room. Huang Fei Hoong peanuts are spicy, due to the peppercorns and special "flower chilies" that they added. They're dangerously addictive. The first time I ate it was on the second last day in Shenyang with my dad, and I got addicted. Since then he brought back some every time he came home.

Now for my "review" on Grub Bistro at Taylor's Lakeside Campus. My first impression of the restaurant was alright, but slowly their true colors were revealed - they had an extensive menu, but they didn't have a lot of stuff printed in there. Service is below average. Food - it depends on what you order.

On this particular occasion, I ordered an asam laksa, and since they didn't have it I settled for the curry laksa, which turned out to be quite good. The dish that Mahirah ordered (pic) was also good, but Melissa's was outrageous - the chicken was small, and there were no fries or rice, just some Thai-style pickled mango ... for RM14+. We've said many times that we would never go there again, but we still end up there because there aren't many other options for lunch at campus anymore - we've gotten bored of everything.

During the weekend was my uncle's house-warming party, all the way at Jenjarom, around an hour's drive away from our house. With the help of a hand-drawn map and Ovi Maps from my C6-00, we got there without much difficulty. The house looked nice, despite the outer appearance.

The driveway is basically just plain concrete flooring, with a cupboard for tools and a shoe cupboard. The first thing I saw from the tool cupboard were the gold mirrors my uncle used for his old Skiva van decoration many years ago. Ah, reminiscence~

As for the inside, it was comfortable while and quite spacious. Most of the furniture came with the house, but my uncle, being the perfectionist that he is, made some quirky furniture and had some unexpected thing installed here and there. The thing I liked most was the cupboard handles - they were shaped after cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Snoopy.

From left clockwise: the special sauce, "pig head skin", roast duck and roast pork~
Food-wise, there were a large portion of self-prepared food, such as puddings and "kwei ling gao"s, plus roast pork, roast duck and (in Chinese) "pig head skin". The listed are the ones that I found the most delicious, and the catered food was also not bad. I wanted seconds but did a double take - I'd gained enough weight since the Maiu buffet (lost control since then), so I just settled for a beer, which is basically the same thing as a second round of food. =P

Oh yeah. The beer. And wine. LOTS OF IT. The beer, that is. More than 5 cartons of Carlsberg and lots of Guinness. The ice came in a form that was familiar - from a bag and all stuck together. The waitress-thing suddenly kicked in. I asked for a pair of shears to try to hack the ice apart, but was stopped by my uncle with a "baby, you're spoiling my shears". However the job wasn't complete because too many drinks were in the drum by that time.

Left: Melissa's; right: mine. The black sesame was really good, which wasn't really what I expected.
One random day I went to campus ridiculously early and had breakfast with Melissa at The V. The V has a small ice cream corner called the Last Polka, which sells some very interesting flavors of ice cream, i.e. Guinness, salty gula melaka, coconut kaffir lime, bandung and a few more. These mini ice creams were bigger because we had eaten some of them before we took the picture. FYI they came with the V Value Meal, which consists of a limited choice of main dish, drink and ice cream for RM9.90.

Could've been a bit more generous with the noodles, in my opinion.
Another morning we went to Wong Kok for breakfast. For RM5.10, I got a Shanghai noodles with honey barbecued pork and a humongous cup of milk tea (needed 4 packets of sugar for that). There are actually a number of hidden meal deals around campus, we just need to find them.

This would be something I think the boyfriend would like - redeemed from a coupon, I present to you strawberry jelly with vanilla ice cream. I liked the ice cream (my favorite flavors are vanilla, cookies and cream, coffee-oriented and matcha), but the jelly didn't really match the ice cream. Personal opinion. Don't kill me.

Lo' and behold: Jason Phung in a kimono~ XD
Thursday was the Young Entrepreneur's Day at Taylor's Lakeside. We were in the classroom when suddenly I heard Mahirah say that Wani saw Jason outside ... wearing a KIMONO. I just had to see that. And turned out it was just a male Japanese robe (trust me, I've seen real Japanese men in real male kimonos, it wasn't pretty).

On the same day we went out for a shopping trip to Sunway Pyramid. Courtesy of Chien Min's Brian fetching us (6 people) there in his Chery. The loving couple had my jealousy boiling already, then when they went into Celebrity Fitness and I stood next to the attendant, the smell of the cologne really overwhelmed me. Not pungently, but emotionally. It was the same cologne the boyfriend wore on our first date.

I basically emo-ed for a while, then broke down. For the first time in my life I really cried in public, and in front of friends. Quinie's later statement in Sakae Sushi had me thinking: "I think she's the type who wouldn't show her weaknesses in general, but she'll open up to good friends".

It kinda hit the spot, and to be honest I've never had friends like these before - they'll be straightforward, help me fix my clothes and hair, make suggestions when I'm in a dilemma, patient with my over-the-top attitudes, and just plain be there for me, as opposed to most (note the emphasis on MOST, as some of my high school friends still remember me) of my high school friends, who did give suggestions and all, but were not really tolerant and had a tendency to forget me.

Shiogayaki rice. Quite a small portion, but surprisingly filling. This is exactly the portion I want for my meals.
The tamago sushi. Slightly distorted picture, but I already spent a full half hour re-uploading the same few photos again and again.
Anyway, we went to Sakae Sushi for lunch. Never ate there before, 'cause my mum never really wanted to eat there before. There's a la carte orders and also conveyor belt sushi, and the ordering system was high-tech-y - an integrated menu was installed into an iPad and installed at every table. I had a shiogayaki don (beef rice) which came with an ocha, a plate of tamago sushi and shared a fish roe sushi with Jeanna.

I bought a pair of leggings (oh yeah, I have to do a recent clothes haul post soon) for RM20 to go with my tube top, but I don't think it matches (will post the combo pic in the next post), and the next issue is what shoes to match the entire outfit with. Tank tops, dresses, T-shirts I know how to accessorize - this is the first time I'm dealing with a tube-top of this kind.

Morning class today consisted of two presentations. BCR was almost completely done by Su, while I kinda screwed the English presentation. We were supposed to write our presentation title on the board, but I misread the title of be "Advantages of Sex Education", when our title was actually just "Sex Education".

During BCR we were doodling away and this was what Su came up with. I can never draw anything like this in my entire life (perhaps the boyfriend can, but not me).

Don'ch I look kyuute? XD
We talked about old school photos during our breakfast at Wong Kok and I was going through my old photos and found this. This is me when I was 2 years old. =)

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