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Friday, October 21, 2011


Halloween is 10 days away and movie channels like HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies are starting to roll out the horror movies. Speaking of horror movies, I've watched some which I consider pretty good, some actually more action/psychological thriller than actually horror.

When it comes to horror movies, the first one that comes to mind is Dead Silence. No big stars, but I love the movie just the same. I first watched this movie when I was in Beijing last year - we just got back from dinner and weren't going to sleep so early, we turned on the hotel TV and there were only a few movies to choose from.

Dead Silence is themed around ventriloquist dolls, and the poem "Beware the stare of Mary Shaw, she had no children – only dolls; and if you see her in your dreams, be sure you never, ever scream." The movie starts when this couple receive an anonymously-sent ventriloquist doll named Billy. The guy goes out to buy dinner, but comes back to his dead wife, her tongue ripped out and Billy next to her.

He finds out that the doll was made by a woman called Mary Shaw back in his old hometown. He goes back searching for answers, while being the object of suspicion by the detective working on his wife's death. He finds his father with a new wife, and visits the grave where Mary Shaw was buried, along with all her puppets. He tries to rebury Billy, but wakes up the next morning to see Billy back in his room, supposedly brought into his room by the detective.

He goes to see an old man in town, who tells him about Mary Shaw. She was a master puppeteer and dreamed to create the perfect puppet. One evening during a show, a boy said loudly that he saw her lips moving, giving the doll it's voice. However, she refutes by talking to the doll while the doll itself (Billy) was talking.

A few days later that boy went missing, and everyone immediately assumed that it was Mary's doing. The entire village went up to her quarters above the theater where she performed with her puppets, forced her to scream and ripped out her tongue, killing her.

So now Mary on a a revenge spree to kill all those who had killed her, and also the descendants of her killers. The reason why she killed the woman at the start of the movie was because she was pregnant with a descendant.

I won't giveaway the ending, or rather I more or less forgot the ending. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie around 20% Rotten because of "boring dialogue and obvious twist ending". I was concentrating more on the suspense element in the movie. The first time I watched this was with my younger sister, and we were both huddled up together under the comforter with half our faces covered with it.

Some of you people would find this mediocre in comparison to Korean, Thai and/or Japanese horror movies, but I find this scary enough for me.

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