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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A rare lunch

Slept at 6am this morning, despite knowing full well that I'll have to be at the LRT station by 11am. I was Omegle-ing (though I don't think I will anymore) and trying to level up my character in MapleStory Adventures.

Anyway our initial plan was to go to McDonald's for the official lunch, then stop by Dami for a drink and a nice long chat, but what happened was we spent most of the time in McDonald's updating each other while observing the flow of people through the restaurant.

After that just went around to look for a) wrapping paper, b) make-up brushes (got some rubber cleansing pads instead from Mr DIY) and c) reload for my prepaid number. The wrapping paper I got from The Store because the guy who was supposed to be in charge of the shop at Endah Parade was chatting with a fellow shop-owner.

Started raining, stopped by Public Bank to make a cash deposit for my mail order. And why is it that cash deposit machines don't accept RM1 and RM5 notes? I had to stand there with Torng for about 10 minutes exchanging cash notes. Anyway I paid an extra RM5. What the hell.

Walked to The Store, went straight to the stationery section to look for wrapping paper and TA-DA! Four racks full of them, though most of them were like "Selamat Pengantin Baru" (Congrats to the New Bride) and I don't like using glossy wrappers - I prefer matte wrappers 'cause they're easier to manage. =)

I never really was good at gift wrapping stuff - I would tend to get a slight case of OCD when I see that the wrapping doesn't snugly wrap around the edges like a second skin. This is one of the many little things that really irk me.

Why suddenly wrapping paper, you ask? Well, it's not like we don't have wrapping paper at home, but most of them are either in tiny bits and pieces and/or they're inappropriate. And hence, I went on the hunt for some fun, simple birthday wrapper.

As for the make-up brushes, well ... I do have a huge set already, but what I really want is another FLUFFY brush like the one I got from Daiso. I got a face brush from Mr DIY once, and I really love it, 'cause it's really soft and fluffy, and doesn't shed much. Hoped that I'd get one from there, but the only small brushes came in whole sets.

Instead I saw these little rubber pads with little rubber bristles on them which were supposed to help cleanse out the dirt from your pores, so I got two (one for me and one for him =x) to try it out. Being the cheap-skate person that I am, I opted for the smaller RM1.50 ones rather than my initial choice of the larger, pink RM1.90 ones. Used them just now, doesn't feel like much, but nothing works overnight, right?

Because of the numerous places we've been to looking for that small bit of wrapping paper, she actually suggested that I just Google some Durex condom wrappers, arrange them on a blank document, then get someone to print it out for me and just use that as a wrapping paper. I LOL-ed.

Back to my first experience on Omegle. What is Omegle? Omegle is a random chat site where the server randomly puts you in a text-only or webcam room with a complete stranger and you can chat with him/her. So I got a lot of people just immediately requesting for you age, gender and location using this question: ASL?

So I got this random guy and the first thing that boomed onto the chat screen was: IF YOU'RE GONNA JUST ASK ME ASL THEN PLEASE LEAVE. DO IT NOW. I was like ... okay. But turned out he was a nice guy, dunno where, with a real thing with sweet talk. If he didn't mention his ex-girlfriends I would actually thought he was gay. =x

Right now I'm randomly Omegle-ing with an orange Post-It on my webcam lens and going through the server - you'd rather chat with Cleverbot than with these people. Some of them have their webcams directly pointed at their equipment. Not a very nice first impression.

And so that concludes my day-to-day life entry for today~

Anyways should head to bed soon. Gotta wake up early tomorrow. =)

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