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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mini haul

Went shopping today without much thought of getting anything but my eye cream. I came home with eye cream plus two face massage rollers and a skirt that I've been craving for a really long time.

Daiso was either having a temporary or permanent display sale at Jusco and we just looked through the racks. I didn't find my alkaline dish washing liquid for my make-up brushes but I found some things that I really craved before but it was too expensive to buy.

These little plastic rollers have strategically placed rollers targeted for certain parts of the face/body. Here I've got E087 Beauty & Health No. 1 (the face massager) and Healthy Goods Face No. 5 (the nose massager). For now both of them feel weird. =P

Then the SKIRT! I've always overlooked the seemingly not-so-nice boutique (called Treats, near Nichii in Mid Valley Megamall) was actually packed with very economic pieces of garments. A maxi dress that I saw there only cost RM49.50, while other boutiques sell maxi dresses at around RM80+. Anyways I was browsing 'cause most of the garments there were suitable, but then I spotted the skirt rack.

I've been wanted one of these skirts for a really long time - it's formal-ish and very sweet and pretty~ There were a few skirts of different print, pattern and materials - some were shiny and soft, some were of chiffon material and another type of shiny but more stiff material. This is the one I picked out randomly, but fell in love with it.

And the experience with this skirt is pretty nice - when I was 13 my pant size was around XL, then when I was 17 it reduced to L, and now it's M!!! Which is around size 27? That's my Levi's jeans size. The pain-staking belly dance DVD exercises paid off. XD

And I finally got a foundation that's my shade, for less than half the price of my wrong-shade TheBodyShop one (though I prefer the smell of TheBodyShop foundation). I was looking for a good drugstore brand foundation that actually matched my skin tone. The one I got from TheBodyShop was actually one or two shades darker than my skin tone and had more of an orange-yellow undertone, which explains why it covers up my dark circles so well.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in 12 Natural - I saw this beside the Maybelline BB cream, which came in only two tones (Fresh and Natural). I didn't really try out the other tones that were available on the rack, but this one suited me good enough. And even if it turns out that it's not the right shade, I can always look for another one and use this one as a highlighting fluid. =)

However, for RM24.90, I feel that this is a teensy bit expensive 'cause this small bottle is only 30ml, which I doubt would be sufficient for a long period of time. Anyway I'll test it out and see how it is the next time I get a chance to put on make-up, and even if it doesn't really match my Laneige powders can help me conceal the color partially.

For once I resisted getting ChaTime after lunch today after shopping, 'cause the line was super long, which is one of the factors that causes me to lose interest in something, especially driving. I like to be accelerating, or being at a constant speed, suddenly wanting me to inch my way along just puts me off. But the calories avoided were repacked at dinner and dessert.

For dinner we went to Leong Ya at Balakong, and I had tons of deep-fried battered soft-shell crab, deep-fried seafood tofu, pork vinegar, garlic and ginger fish, vegetable stew in a deep-fried yam basket and those egg strands you get when you order 奶油虾.

For dessert, my mum tried to recreate the honeydew sago dessert that was given to us by one of my mum's friends. 3 whole honeydews (one diced, the other two juiced), 1 whole liter of whipping cream (about half whipped up and the other half left liquid), a bit of syrup and of course, sago. I had (despite my conscience's screams at me to stop) ladled myself a humongous bowl, which was laden with cream and, in turn, calories.

In between all the shopping and calorie-packing dinners, I tried to remake the tiramisu, this time by myself. Everything was going great - my yolk mixture was at the perfect stage, and I whipped up my first meringue that didn't budge when I flipped the bowl over. However, I forgot to fold in the flour before piping it onto a tray and baking them.

My first batch came out flat and crispy (turned soggy later), and I assumed that it was the oven's temperature problem. However, when I went back to my work station, I noticed a tray of flour sitting in the dark corner. *face-palm*

I tried folding the flour in, but too late - the meringue deflated and it was beyond being saved, especially without the chef sister in the house. I abandoned my mission, plan to do it again tomorrow, and threw away everything. Huge waste, I know, but there was nothing else I could do with the mixture (except perhaps make pancakes, 'cause there was that really familiar pancake batter smell coming from the mixture.

Oh yeah, and the first egg that I cracked for the tiramisu came out with two yolks (supposed-to-be future twins XD). So what I did with the extra yolk once I was done cracking the eggs? Michelle Phan's egg mask!!! Except I only used the yolk, rather than Michelle's method of using the white to first refine the skin texture, then the yolk as a moisturizing mask.

I have yet to try out the kitty litter mask that Michelle Phan talked about. I've tried looking for unscented kitty litter (watch the video to find out the type that you need, and the instructions if you're curious ;D), but all those that I've found are either "natural pine", "scented", or comes in giant packs of 5kg. I need it for a mask, I don't actually own a cat.

Walking down the pet aisles in supermarkets make me remeniscent of Dukie. It's been a full years since we last saw him, wagging his tail (and his rump) like mad, thinking he was taken for a road trip in someone else's car, when he was actually being taken away from my arms.

I broke my longest crying record that time - 3 days, almost non-stop (though now I cry almost everyday, but with longer periods of time in between). Whether he was happy to be taken from our hands, or he didn't knew what was coming - he seemed blissfully cheerful when the man took him from my arms, and didn't even look back.

We might be getting a toy poodle soon, courtesy of one of my sister's classmates. Dukie, however, shall be forever special to me. =)

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