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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yes, I have a knack of pronouncing thingsh with kinda an "H" behind them these days. XD

Anyways just a quick update. Dad has went back to China, and mum is now on a corporate meeting/vacation at Pangkor. T_T When I heard Pangkor I actually asked out loud: "Can I go?" Everyone stared as if I just sprouted elephant ears. I so so so so so so so wanted to go. >_<

Sometimes I always hurt him by being selfish. It's not like I want to feel that way, but sometimes I feel as if he isn't completely there, which is actually acceptable considering he's working like hell from 9-5, and only has instant noodles as dinner and really little sleep. Every time I'm sick of getting jealous of all the cuddling couples around me and then I take it out on him, who keeps every single worry to himself, not wanting me to worry about him.

Then after causing him to miss an entire night's sleep and maybe a day of work, I actually realize that he's been there the whole time, and it's me who's being over-sensitive and unreasonable, counting every millisecond as if it were one second. And even when I'm unreasonably accusing him of things he didn't do, he always patiently tries to reason with me. Most times I don't listen and just ignore him for an entire day.

I hereby promise that I will try my best not to worry him at all about anything, and focus on the positive thing about long-distance relationships - if you love each other enough, it will actually strengthen the relationship. I'll also try to be extremely reasonable with my requests and expectations. I just want his stupid internship to be over soon.

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