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Monday, August 15, 2011


Feeling better today, especially knowing that the cut is healing, though it's definitely gonna scar. Another reason to get a tattoo. XD

Anyways, I've been going through almost everything I own these couple of days. On day one I went through all my miscellaneous stuff in my cupboards. Threw out lots of stuff actually - I've noticed that I have a knack of keeping things that I deemed had "sentimental value", which actually just turned out to be junk. I guess I just don't want to throw away things that reminds me of my more care-free years.

I rearranged the stuff so that access to my make up and accessories are easier, and brought out some less used things like my hairspray and styling wax so that wastage would be decreased to a minimum. As for my bureau top, I got rid of lots of clutter and put my paper recycle pouch vertically to optimise space, then I put all my make up "equipment" (brush set, 120 palette, and two other boxes of products). As for my skin care mini-drawer, I threw out lots of old sample sachets.

Day two I went through every piece of clothing in my bureau - tops, bottoms, cardigans, socks, underwear, sleeping clothes, and all the little bits and pieces belts and stuff lying around. I found a great deal of accessories hidden between the tops, which I thought were lost.

Anyway at the end of the 5-hour sorting-and-cleaning-and-playing-games-on-the-iPad session. I was finally left with a large pile of unwanted cardigans, T-shirts, and some underwear. This week I'm gonna go through my storage drawer and the upper cupboard. And maybe also my mini-drawer.

I'm supposed to be studyi - nay, I was supposed to be studying since around a week ago, but I'm still blog-walking, Facebook-ing, Mapling on Facebook, and playing addictive games like iSlash, Panda BBQ and Sky Burger on iPad; and Need For Speed S.1.0 on PSP. But seriously, I need to control myself and start studying if I want to continue to my next semester.

I also need to sleep earlier, eat breakfast, decrease dinner, increase frequency of exercise and most of all, stop being a total bitch to him. Oh yeah, and study more, I almost forgot that.

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