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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just another rabble of thoughts

What the hell is wrong with me? When was I the self-suppressing bitch to bow down and apologize first? And anyway it wasn't like I was simply throwing another tantrum. I was honestly really tired and hungry already and all he could do was complain about the bad haircut that he got.

Then when I said I wanted to take a bath first, he was like "fine". What the hell, man? So now it's illegal to be freakin' tired and hungry after a whole day of class and waiting under the hot evening sun for 2 hours for my transport and then waiting another hour at junctions because Chelsea is playing and fucking noob Malaysians are there to "support". If you know Chelsea is playing then GET YOUR FUCKING ASS THERE EARLY!!! And where are the traffic police? A street away from where all the freakin' chaos is. Directing traffic where there is no need and leaving the chaos unsupervised. Fuck you.

And there was that freakishly disturbing movie called "American History X", starring Edward Norton made in 1998, which was shown to us during MA tutorial because it was relevant to the three cinematic issues we were studying - violence, sexuality and ethnicity. Warning though, this movie aren't for the innocent and faint hearted or for those with weak stomachs. The sex and violence was much more than I've seen in other movies, but the most disturbing scene was when the lead was raped by a gang in prison. Basically they filmed the real thing, but just above the hips. So imagine watching that.

The other movie we watched (but during a different class) was "Shattered Glass", based on real-life events,  starring Hayden Christensen made in 2003, depicting the world of journalism. Stephen Glass was a writer for The New Republic and was a popular journalist, until one article (Hack Heaven!) slowly unveiled that many of his articles (27 out of 41) were fabricated.

Even with a Salonpas patch from Karen, I still managed to shoot the introduction for our food documentary. Due on Monday, editing tomorrow. Since my parts don't require voice-overs, I am not required to be present during editing. I seriously can't wait to see how our video turns out. I wonder whether Mr Winston will do a screening of everyone's videos.

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