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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Assumptions Song

I forgot how I came across this song on YouTube, but now it's more or less my favorite song. XD

The song itself is by The Arrogant Worms, and there are quite a few videos made for the song. My favorite one is by OneyNG. Basically this is the perfect video to test someone's knowledge or level of horniness. XD

Here are the lyrics:

There lived an old farmer who lived on a rock
He sat in the meadow just shaking his fist
At some boys who were down by the creek
Their feet in the water their hands on their
Marbles and play things and at half past four
There came a young lady she looked like a
Pretty young creature she sat on the grass
She pulled up her dress and she showed them her
Ruffles and laces and white fluffy duck
She said she was learning a new way to
Bring up her children so they would not spit
While the boys in the barnyard were shovelling
Refuse and litter from yesterday's hunt
While the girl in the meadow was rubbing her
Eyes and the fellow down by the dock
He looked like a man with a sizeable
Home in the country with a big fence out front
If he asked her politely she'd show him her
Little pet dog who was subject to fits
And maybe she'd let him grab hold of her
Small tender hands with a movement so quick
And then she'd bend over and suck on his
Candy so tasty made of butterscotch
And then he'd spread whipped cream over her
Cookies that she left on her shelf
If you think this is dirty you can go #$% yourself.

If you think this is dirty enough, you would be able to match some dirty words that rhymes with the previous sentences. I'm not sure if I'm explaining this clearly, but that's more or less how it works =D

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A reflection of my blog

I started this blog in like, what, 2009? It been such a long time, and my content and writing style has kinda changed over time.

Reading through old posts, I realized that most of my posts were tightly scheduled, and it was like I couldn't miss a day of events in my blog. Now? I blog whenever I want, about what I want. Blogging took my at least 2-4 hours in the past, now I can type out a post in almost less than an hour (excluding photo upload time).

And god were my posts boring last time - no pictures and an endless essay of mundane daily stuff in each post. My choice of terms and vocabulary has also changed in a way that I don't have to spend 15 minutes thinking of which term/word to use, it comes naturally now. And now I know how and where to use photos. XD

Blogging has also helped change my view on lots of stuff, and needless to say it has helped me train my writing and touch-typing skills (mind you I'm not a 2-finger typist =P). I've thought of changing my link and/or the name of the blog a few times, but I never really thought of another good link, but I have changed my blog name from I-forgotten-what to Journal of a Procrastinator. XD

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fate deals me shitty cards

Yeah, I know, there are people out there whose lives are much worse than mine, but hey, I'm a 21st century teenager, all I do is complain. Don't tell me you've never once resented your life when everything seems past the point of no return, then have things improve a bit and then get plunged back into the horrible abyss.

Some people think that the key to a content life is just positive thinking. I disagree. Especially when everyone just doesn't seem to care about anything about you.

If I were given the choice of my future life, I'd rather choose being a single child with divorced parents and the parent that I live with is a control-freak than live in the shadow of both my older and younger sisters, and have both my parents dote on both of them while piling all the hopes and expectations on me.

You can't say that I'm immature, 'cause some older people actually agree to this with me. My mum overcompensates for my older sister, for reasons too cliche to fathom. She can go anywhere until almost any time, do whatever the hell she wants, get as much pocket money as she wants, and be behind locked, unlit rooms with her boyfriend.

My younger sister? Hah, this is even better. BOTH my parents dote on her. Typical Chinese. Everyone should bend over backwards to fulfil every whim that she utters. My mum still plays with her and strokes her hair like she did with me when I was younger (she barely even touches me now). She gets to go to sleepovers, attend birthday parties, and can get away with almost everything.

This is the best part. Every time I get a boyfriend my mum would question my virginity. Why don't you question someone else? She not having a porn-watching history doesn't let you assume that she would not do anything of that nature. Every request to go out has to be given a 3-day consideration and an entire list of activities, estimated expenses, locations, modes of transport, accommodation (if applicable), and attendees' parents' phone numbers just in case I get abducted; for both sisters? 1 day, maximum, if not an immediate approval.

Just because of this I missed out on so many things - my primary school trips, friends' birthday bashes, proms. Every time I say I want to go out for a date, she'd give me this shitty face. If I didn't tell her because of that shitty face, she'd give me the same face, plus a lecture on how I could have got kidnapped and raped and dismembered, etc.

Being the more academically successful of three siblings, they dump all expectations for straight As on me. Having barely passed my SPM with 2As, I was beyond happy - I thought that I'd flunked all the other subjects. But they took that news I considered so positive with some lemon and lots of bitter gourd. The only thing I got below a credit was for history, and it's not like my mum got straight As herself.

I ask for things only when I really need them; for the things I want? I just drop hint bombs and hope they get it, but they just brush it off, because "it's unnecessary and impractical". Both my sisters could ask for about anything and they would get it. My older sister has around 10 pairs of shoes, about 4 of which she doesn't wear. My younger sister has her own closet full of clothes, and yet she wears the same things over and over again but gets new stuff every so often.

You could say I'm lame, whatever. Some of you don't really understand how it feels, to be always the last one to be considered, always alienated because of my differences in taste of music and fashion, always the target of criticism and mocking. Sometimes it feels as if they don't care about anything relating to me. I don't even feel like a daughter sometimes - I'd get all the shit while they are chatting away happily.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: The Pink Eyes

This is a look I used to give some color to my solid black LBD, glammed up a little with some gold~

Natural light

With flash

What you'll need:
Eyes: (all shadows from the 120 palette)

  • At least 2 eye/blending/fluffy brushes
  • Eyelid primer or a cream eye shadow [shu uemura Cream Eyeshadow in Beige]
  • Bright pink (#38) eye shadow
  • Sheer shimmery beige (#3) eye shadow
  • Champagne (#51) eye shadow
  • Dark grey (#8) eye shadow
  • Pencil liner [Elianto Stay-On Pencil Eyeliner in Black]
  • Liquid liner [Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black]
  • Mascara [MaxFactor False Lash Effect in Black]
  • False lashes (optional)

  • Brow pencil [TheFaceShop Automatic Brow Pencil in Black]

  • Fan brush
  • Fluffy soft face brush
  • Facial sponge
  • Liquid concealer [Biotherm White Detox Whitening Pen Immediate Spot Corrector]
  • Liquid foundation [TheBodyShop Oil Free Balancing Foundation SPF15 in #05]
  • Face powder [Laneige Sliding Pact SPF 24 in Natural No. 1]
  • Powder blush (as contouring product) [Bobbi Brown Powder Blush in Blushed]

  • Rosy nude lipstick [TheBodyShop Lipstick in #7 Rose Pink]

Basically you can switch it up a bit if you want, especially where the pink is concerned, you could apply it wet or use a cream shadow for more intense color. Also, you could change the pink into some other color that you prefer~

I use the non-waterproof Revlon liquid liner 'cause if there were any mistakes, I could just use a cotton bud dipped in water and the boo boo is gone~

Now for the steps:
  1. We'll do foundation later. Start off with a clean face, preferably with some moisturizer. If your lips are dry then apply some lip balm or Vaseline first so that the lip color can go on nicely.
  2. Apply the primer or cream eye shadow right up to the brow bone.
  3. Take the shimmery beige and apply it to the inner corners and inner 1/3 of the top lid.
  4. Blend the pink onto the rest of the lid with another brush, keeping the color intense nearer the lashline.
  5. Blend both colors together by using the first brush and sweeping some shimmery beige where the two colors meet.
  6. Apply the dark grey to give definition to the crease. Also apply some on the lower lash line, just a bit.
  7. Using a blending brush, apply the champagne to the brow bone and blend gently into the pink.
  8. Tightline using the pencil liner. Apply some also on the outer half of the waterline.
  9. Here comes the tricky part - slowly and patiently scale your wing (it should follow the natural curve of your eye) and line your eyes, winging out. There shouldn't be any skin showing at the roots of your lashes.
  10. Dust off any fall-outs with the fan brush. Wet your facial sponge and squeeze out the excess water.
  11. Apply concealer on blemishes, dark circles and the darker nooks and crannies of the face.
  12. Squeeze a suitable amount of foundation onto the back of your hand, and using the sponge, apply the foundation evenly over the face, starting from the centre, working outwards to achieve a more natural finish.
  13. Set the liquid foundation with facial powder, taking care to do it gently. (I would prefer using Michelle Phan's method - rolling the brush all over your face) Take little amounts of powder at a time, replenishing only when insufficient. (This also helps correct makeup mistakes =])
  14. Using the blush as a contouring product, suck in your cheeks to see where to apply the product. Starting from your ears, apply along the hollowed parts where your cheeks are sucked in, gently, slowly layering until only just visible. Do not apply near the corners of the mouth.
  15. Gently shade your brows and blend the color to achieve a more natural look.
  16. Apply lipstick.
  17. DONE!

This was actually in impromptu look I threw together within around 15 minutes. I had planned something colorful to go with my mum's old LBD, but pink was all I had in my mind. XD Hope you liked this look~ Cheers~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lens review: Blincon Jazzy Ocean Blue

These are my first pair of blue lenses, and their from my current favorite brand of lenses, compared to Geo and FreshLook in terms of comfort, quality and price.

Blincon is a Korean brand, with three main types of cosmetic lenses - Sweetie, Jazzy and Elegance. The Sweetie series are the only series with lens diameters of 14.5mm, which gives a pupil enlarging effect. Jazzy has lens diameters ranging 14.0-14.2mm, I think, while the Elegance series are browns and blacks in 14.0mm.

Previously I purchased the Sweetie Greens, which were pretty dark in color, but worked extremely well in the enlarging department. So here's my take on the Jazzy Ocean Blues. The Ocean Blues have a light brown centre to help blend the lenses with brown eyes, and a rather wiggly pattern with a seemingly light blue and a dark grey outer ring.

Color/Pattern: 9.5/10
I really didn't expect the pattern and color to be so pretty. The pattern looked weird on the prints and on the lens themselves, but they were pretty once they were in the eye~

With flash
Natural light

Comfort: 7.5/10
Kinda comfortable, but there's like something in my eye sometimes, and sometimes there's blurred vision.

With flash
Natural light

Enlargement: 5/10
Being at 14.0mm, they aren't very big, but the color does give the eyes a natural brightening.

Price: 7.5/10
Not very economical, but not exactly very expensive either. For RM80 (around USD27) lasting 3 months, I'd say it's a deal compared to FreshLook lenses.

These are one of my favorite lenses after the Sweetie Greens. Perhaps I'll be Blincon's loyal fan in the future. XD

Simple Flower / Random Strokes Manicure

My first ever nail tutorial (without pics, for now)~ Please comment~

I planned this more of a random strokes manicure at first, but then the strokes came out looking like sakura petals, but I tried to do this on the other hand and failed. =(

What you will need:

  • Nail file
  • Nail buffer
  • 2 colors of solid, color-contrasting nail polish (I used Hot Pink and Yellow both from Elianto)
  • Top coat or clear polish with glitters, if preferred
  • Q-tips / cotton buds
  • Nail polish remover
Now for the fun part (albeit a bit boring 'cause you'll have to wait for the polish to dry):
  1. Apply 2-3 coats of the base color (one of the solid colors) or until you get a solid color on the nail. Let dry completely.
  2. Using the other color, have enough polish right on the tip of the brush, press gently on the desired area and flick gently in one direction. Repeat until desired effect is achieved.
  3. Finish off with top coat or the clear glitter polish for the extra blingy effect.
  4. Dip the Q-tip / cotton bud in the remover and clean up the edges and/or any boo boos.


Fast, huh? XD I did different colors on both hands, but I prefer the yellow petals on pink - looks more sweet and sophisticated. The brush for the pink color wasn't cooperating with me, so the "petals" came out at random splats and streaks, which came out looking more funky and eccentric.

It's important to let each and every layer dry thoroughly first before applying another layer or any other stuff on top. This ensures that you have a near-to-perfect manicure. =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Noxin's Lens Giveaway

Yes, I'm joining another giveaway. This giveaway is hosted by Noxin and is open internationally. She's giving away 1 pair of Candy Hana 3tone Brown plano lenses.

The terms? You must like this page on Facebook, and comment on her giveaway post with your name and e-mail address. For extra entries, you'll have to follow her blog and blog about the giveaway with a link back to the giveaway post, which I'm doing now. XD If you're going to put in extra entries, you're gonna have to add extra comments on the giveaway post.

So what are you waiting for? Join in the giveaway~! XD

Food post II

Another food post, but the order of the pictures might be a little topsy-turvy. =)

Apple crumble with Baskin Robbins vanilla ice cream

"Cheese baked rice" from T-Bowl. Sucks. 

My first in-flight meal - kind of burger and sandwich, plus a cherry tomato and a couple of pickles 

A close-up on the burger thingy. 

Chocolate coins courtesy of Malaysian Airlines. 

Natasha's first birthday cake - a fresh mango cream cake which was absolutely delicious~

That day's business sucked, so our boss fried some rice for all of us. 

A noodle of some sort from T-Bowl. 

Iced-lemon tea and a mango sago dessert, also from T-Bowl.

Tomyam noodles from T-Bowl.

My all time favorite soy breakfast - Yonghe King. From left - fried egg, flour fritters and salty soy milk. 

Also from Yonghe King, a wrap made of an omelet and the inside is flour fritters. 

It was winter and China was all up for steamboat. 

The sesame dipping sauce for the steamboat. 

Read "suan mei tang", this is basically a sour plum juice or extract of some sort that is popular during winter. 

This is called "sha niao niu wan", or in English peeing beef balls. It's those kind of meatballs where there is a kind of soup enclosed at the centre of the meatball. 

Not a very clear picture, but this stall was selling cockroach kebabs, seahorse kebabs and live scorpions on sticks. 

"Gou bu li bao zi" originates from China, and is called that because of some story of a man who does his dumplings with so much concentration that he ignored everyone else whenever he was making them. 

"Zha jiang mian" from Yonghe King. 

Beef ramen. 

The "true" "zha jiang mian". 

Some kind of porridge from the restaurant right next to Yonghe King behind SciTech Hotel, Beijing. 

We found this in the hotel in Beijing. 

Steamboat again. =) 

Beef rice set from Yoshinoya in Beijing. Why Yoshinoya is deteriorating in Malaysia, I don't understand. 

Our first meal in Shenyang, from left clockwise - mashed potatoes, beef bones and beancurd skins. 

Nothing like some alcohol to warm up during winter. 

Food from a Taiwanese restaurant. Tasted delicious, but too bad I forgot what they were. =( 

 A mango dessert from the same Taiwanese restaurant.

Rice wine. 

A traditional Chinese restaurant near my dad's workplace in Shenyang. 

Forgot the name, but in Isetan (or Parkson I think) in Shenyang, there's a Japanese restaurant on the 7th floor. 

 Tempura set.
Salmon rice set. 

Beef rice set.

Melon ice cream with a small slice of dragonfruit. 

Korean side dishes for a Korean dinner. 


 Potato patties.
 Cold, long noodles~
The cold long noodles before I dug around in it. 

From Yung Ho, the flour fritters were at least 12-inches long, but the soy milk wasn't as nice as Yonghe King's. 

The mango cream cake for Natasha's birthday.

Natasha's birthday. The four combination cold platter - two kinds of meat, beancurd and duck tongues. 

Nope, it's not sharksfin soup. =) 

The seemingly mutilated prawn. 

The cream cake after division. @@ 

A green apple drink from Old Hong Kong Teahouse. 

Miniature egg tarts. 

"Polo" barbecued meat buns. =) 

I forgot what this was. @@ 

Mary's white chocolate with pistachios and raspberries. 

The matcha parfait from Pasta Zanmai. 

If you like cookies, then try out the Mendel Ziegel almond cookies. 

Mini bottles of liquor from SciTech Hotel. 

The Nando's quarter chicken in Mild with Peri Fries and Peri Potato Salad. 

The Borscht soup from Kim Gary.

Hong Kong style tea~ 

Cheese baked rice with fish. To me, cheese baked rices (despite their more expensive nature) are a more substantial meal. 

Chicken chop noodle. 

Delicious, delicious alcohol. XD 

I have no idea what screwed up the second picture, but this is the Shiroi Koibito (Japanese, translates into "white lover") cookies that are exclusive in Hokkaido and Narita's departure lounge. It's basically chocolate (both milk and white are available) sandwiched between two langue de chat cookies. The company, Ishiya, also produces various other kinds of cookies. 

 A pancake that came out looking like a walnut.
Again, I have no idea what happened, but if you can see it, this the strawberry shortcake, made by my sister. 

Pan-fried chicken chop with fried pasta. 

This was a ramen dish from Dragon-i in Mid Valley Megamall, and it disappointed. 

The three cheese sandwich from The V on Taylor's Lakeside. The three cheeses are Parmesan, Cheddar and Mozzarella. However, I think it would have tasted nicer if the sandwich was toasted a bit.

Despite my passion for the root beer float and the ludicrously expensive waffle with ice cream, I now know why A&W isn't surviving in Malaysia. 

My tempura soba set from Sogo's Japanese Restaurant. 

Frozen yogurt on Lakeside Campus. 

I normally don't really like peppermint flavored stuff, but this work really well to help cure colds, and I kinda like my milk flavored with peppermint. 

Got this from Daiso. Regretted 'cause it was really tasteless and there was too much milk for my taste. 

The chocolate flavored Snogurt. 

The chicken schnitzel sandwich from Backofen. Breaded and deep fried chicken sandwich, served with either potato salad or grilled potatoes, priced at RM9. 

I only remembered to take the picture after I was halfway through devouring it - beef cordin bleu from William's. 

Beef stroganoff from Ecoba on Lakeside Campus, served with mashed potatoes. Too much peppers for my taste, and overcooked beef. 

The cheese sandwich from Grub Bistro that gave me diarrhoea. 

Chocolate mousse with raspberry flavored cream sauce~ 

Chocolate pudding with custard sauce. 

 Creme caramel from The V.

The monster-sized juices from Williams. The blue cup is a normal cup of iced tea. So imagine having this with enormous portions of meat. @@

Ramen from B-Station at Lakeside Campus. 

 Me likes this. XD

My second cup of ChaTime - Fairy Vanilla Milk Tea with less sugar and slight ice. I regretted the less sugar option though it's better for me. >< 

 Made by the twerp, fried chicken and franks, and a bowl of mushroom soup.

Pizza beef paratha from Hot 'n' Roll. 

Vegetarian shepherd's pie from The V, which also gave me diarrhoea. 

Pasta Zanmai's strawberry parfait. 

The three cup chicken rice from Formosa. Formosa is a Taiwanese franchise restaurant in Malaysia. 

Pasta Zanmai's spicy unagi pasta. 

Face to Face's signature dish - the specialty noodle. What it is - pan mee, fried anchovies, minced pork, an egg with a still-runny yolk and that little dish of blackness is actually their special chilli, which you add to the noodle and mix it all up before eating. You could adjust the amount of chilli according to your liking, but just keep in mind that the chilli is quite hot.