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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Ultimate Frozen Yogurt Challenge!!!

Well it's not a contest, it's just ... well ... a challenge.

By the way lunch today was pasta at Temptations. Nice but a little lacking in salt, and I don't think kosher salt should be in salt shakers. @@

Now to the challenge. Everyday from 12-2pm, Snogurt @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus has a promotional happy hour. For RM3, you get a small cup and your choice of amount of frozen yogurt in ONE flavor only without toppings. So the challenge: to pile up as much yogurt as you can in one small cup without having it topple over. Think you can do it? It's not as easy as it sounds, especially if the yogurt is a little runny. XD


I'm gonna need a new Doraemon bag soon. Doraemon meaning it's so huge it's almost like Doraemon's magic pouch~ XD The strap is slowly detaching at the seam and the inner lining made me think that my bag magically produced yet another compartment. @@

Re:style at The Boardwalk has finally (assumed) hired a manicurist. I CAN FINALLY GET MY FRENCH MANICURE!!! Or should I? RM10 but I dunno how long it would last. =P


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