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Friday, June 24, 2011

So much for ...

... having my C6-00 repaired. It's been having these problems - every time there's a new message there's no ringtone, vibration or notification whatsoever except for the blinking light. So we had it sent to the Nokia Care Centre at Times Square, and only then did I find out that it had to stay for at least one week, and someone didn't tell me.

That phone is basically the only other thing I revolve around other than him, 'cause it's my planner, entertainment, portable internet, camera, and most importantly it took around 45% of my salary. Hello? I would've appreciated some prior notice. =P

Anyway Kungfu Panda 2 was cute, and I had a Sausage and Egg McMuffin and a Oreo Cappucino Blog with black pearls for lunch. XD Coming back sucked, 'cause the stupid bus driver of the T418 bus was masturbating or something, anyway she wasn't on the bus, and the doors were closed, and mosquitoes were feasting. Fuck 'em.

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