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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Super official DIET PLAN

I aim to be under 50kg by the end of May and keep it that way for the rest of my life. =P

In general:
  • More veggies & fruits
  • Less fried stuff & junk food
  • Tons of liquid
  • More exercise
  • Decrease sugar, cream and calorie intake to a minimum
  • Less cold drinks before, during and after meals
For breakfast:
  1. 250ml milk (non-full cream) [calcium]
  2. 250ml plain water
  3. 250ml coffee/tea/Milo (maximum 3tsp sugar) [caffeine =P]
  4. 1 fruit (preferably oranges or apples) [Vitamin C]
  5. Some oat biscuits or similar [fibre]
For lunch, basically anything that provides enough carbohydrates to last for the rest of the day and preferably packed with fibre and vitamins. I'd actually go for Subway sandwiches, but they're kinda costly on the long run. Drinks: no more fizzy drinks, preferably either drink my own water or get something like a juice or soy milk, but usually these are also packed with added sugars (not that I'm discriminating or anything, but I try to reduce >_<).

For dinner, just practice portion control and take note of what I'm eating - more fibre, more vitamins, less carbohydrates, less fat, less oil. And just before dinner maybe take a light meal so that I won't overdose on dinner later.

As for the exercise plan, I try to complete all of these:
  1. Use the stairs for destinations under 10 floors/storeys.
  2. Running: at least 10 minutes, though usually I can't go any longer than 5. =P
  3. Crunches: at least 500 per night.
  4. Tennis swings? 100 forehand, 100 backhand, so 200 in total, everyday.
For the exercise, if I missed a day's I'd reimburse on the next day, even if it means depriving me of my precious sleep.

And speaking of sleeping, I NEED 8 HOURS!!! I'm still not getting enough sleep and I'm usually sleepy at 9pm already, which is my new record. =P

In conclusion, more of the usual nutrition stuff and less of the junk stuff, and also eat within limits. Whatever I can't eat anymore I'll just give it to him. XD

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