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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sometimes ...

... I really wished I was anorexic. It doesn't matter how much I control the intake of food or how much I work out to shed the pounds, nothing seems to work. What? I'm supposed to register at a gym and work out more than 3 hours everyday? I don't have the time.

Anyway I shall try to do as much exercise as I can from now on. At school I shall take the stairs instead of the elevator, even if it's up to the 9th floor (I just ran up to the 7th floor half an hour ago) and cut cut cut on my snacking (on Oreo Crush =P), at home I'll do random exercises during my bath (yes, weird, I know, but it's seemingly the only time I can squeeze in some work) and at least 500 crunches before going to sleep. I'll minimise dinner portions, or just skip dinner altogether if I can help it. I'll make it a habit to eat breakfast every day and balance my meals as much as possible, starting with more veggies and less fried stuff + unneeded carbs and calories.

If I can I'll squeeze in a teeny bit of my tennis training activities into my mundane schedule and I'll try try try to cut down on messaging and sleep at the latest 11pm. I will try to drink more water especially on campus since all my classes are in air-conditioned environments (so much for being earth-friendly). =P

I'm feeling ... large these days. It seems that my weight has gone up due to the *ahem* uncontrolled eating at school (which is also taking a toll on my wallet). This particular thing has been the thing that has me emotional all the time, especially at night, much to the dismay of smexy. =X Being deprived of sleep and feeling large, I tend to just start tantrums and flip at the tiniest things, such as a simple comment on my daily life.

Which is why I slept early last night, while *somehow* punishing myself by having the fan on power 2 (which is pretty cold for me since I'm cold-phobic even after being in the -20'C of Shenyang, China) and sleeping without a blanket. Usually, the blanket would be my ultimate need for sleep - I can make do without bolsters and pillows, but the blanket I really need. It was only in the wee hours of the morning when my grandmother woke up that she put a blanket over me, then nagging that I shouldn't sleep without a blanket in case I caught a cold.

Right now there are 3 pain spots - my shoulders, my back and the back of my ankles. Shoulders and back due to weird sleeping positions, and the back of my ankles due to my 'unseasoned', one-size-too-small ballerinas, which I wore to school for the entire day yesterday. I almost died. =P

The house internet is still not working, and Taylor's i-Xcess doesn't allow us to access any website labelled 'games', 'adult' or 'porn'. How is Glitter is my crack... considered porn when the whole blog is filled with makeup, glitter, clubbing photos and exercise journal entries?!

After a really long time, Edgar and I finally has another chat. I met Edgar around 8 years ago via GunBound, and whattya know? We actually became pen-friends (not exactly, but you get the point XD). He's from Peru and is around 7 years older than me, but he's rarely online so we usually wait for the right time where both of us are coincidentally online at the same time. Or we communicate through e-mail, much to my dismay 'cause he is under the impression that I have learnt Spanish and sends me whole e-mails in Spanish. =P

Gotta run, seminar coming up, supposedly by Marina Mahathir. =P

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