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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yet another day

... in college. The difference is, I finally know what group I'm in!! It's away from Swing and Mei Xuan - I'm in Group 2. Basically not a very social person I'm scared to death that I'll die of boredom/loneliness/criticism. =X

Oh yeah, I went for a double date on Saturday~! Destination? Around Sg Wang Plaza. But before all that we took a detour to TULC to pay for our tuition fees which were due, then went to Amcorp Mall to get my new LAPTOP!!! Originally what was recommended by my sexy lengzai was a Dell model from the Studio series, but as I got to Visioncom, Evonne recommended an Acer model (will post pics later when my home internet is working again, am currently working at a computer lab at TULC), which is pretty and works good enough.

My laptop budget (given by my dad) was RM3000. The laptop itself (which came with a carry bag, 1 year warranty and a cute mouse~) cost RM1899, and since I required ("needed" is too strong a word to be used here) an external hard drive, I got 1TB for RM399. I was so happy~ *sarcasm intended, though I really am quite happy*

So right after that mum dropped me at home so I could change and do some girl stuff. And a few moments later I was out of the house. My makeup for the day went haywire - the color combination was so wrong and the blending was sloppy, and I had to pull off my false lashes halfway through the trip (painful ~>.<~). I was resisting the ultimate temptation to rub off all the junk that was on my eyes, and yet he could still say my eyes looked sexy. *blush max*

We first picked Yiee from her house, then were dropped at the Bukit Jalil LRT Station, meeting smexy there. We took the LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan where we were to meet up with Joel, Yiee's other half. Something funny happened here: supposedly there was some miscommunication and smexy thought we were only going to take the LRT to BTS, then Joel was going to drive us there. And when Joel arrived I was feeling warm just seeing him - fresh out of NS and near-bald, he wore a snowcap.

The first thing we did when we got there was see whether there were Nokia Centres in Times Square and/or Sg Wang Plaza. Turns out both places didn't, but there was one at Pavillion. Anyway we went straight to Sg Wang Plaza after wandering around Times Square for a bit, and arrived at the ... on the first floor.

We spent around 3-4 hours there, and we (I) met 3 very friendly Russian guys despite their intimidating looks. One of them was kind enough to get a drink for every person in the shop. Anyway after spending so much time there, we went straight to Pavillion to (hopefully) get my new phone. And I shall curse every fucking thing for this - the model I wanted was sold out. I mean WTH?!

Anyway we then headed for dinner, which was originally smexy's choice (Carl's Junior) but he was overthrown by majority votes for a more economic alternative. In the end we had KFC for dinner, then rushed home.

For the entire day I could feel that he wasn't entirely happy, maybe it's because we didn't have much "alone time" as we would have liked, and something was just bothering him. As for me ... well, I felt that I was a bit harsh - the comments, the retorts, all that. I had the feeling that he wasn't entirely happy for the day, and I kinda find that my fault. =X

Anyway he was back on Sunday at my house, main objective to retrieve his headphones that he left in my scarf purse (I love Michelle Phan~) the previous day. Apparently he also brought his external hard drive to transfer some long-awaited music and videos since I have my own personal lappy now~

One thing led to another and we were basically laughing the night away about the little details that we noticed in the videos. It was a night that I would remember for my entire life~ <3 After 4 missed calls from his dad at around midnight, he finally left, getting home faster than I could've imagined. =X

Right now I'm back in college, waiting for my first ever tutorial class (English with Dr Antoon, a 52-year-old Belgian gentleman with a tendency to nag =X) at 12.00pm and rather aimlessly surfing through Facebook, deleting "friends" that I don't know.

Oh yeah~ And it's Tuesday, which means today is Dress Up Day. I stepped it up a bit from my daily wardrobe: muted purple bare-shouldered long sleeve top, my only pair of boot-cut jeans, subtle shimmer-ish green smokey eyes, Ferragamo Incanto Shine perfume and my blue strap wedges.

Nail polish is for every alternate week, and since I've had Shining Ebony (Elianto) last week, I'll give them a fest for this week and pick another color for next week. XD

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