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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just another day ...

... in college where I have a more-than-4-hours gap between classes. Typically classes start at 8am which is supposed to finish 3 hours later, but this week we're constantly let out early. Nevermind that. I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do with these 3-5 hours except grab a bite then find a computer lab with my new buddies, or in reverse order. Anyway that's what we do everyday for now.

I shall officially claim Tuesday as my Dress Up Day, which means I'll allow myself to wakeup maybe half an hour earlier to dress, accessorize (properly) and use makeup, which I don't on most days 'cause I can't find the determination to wake up THAT early everyday. I've to wake up at around 6am everyday in time to prepare for school + get to school with a risk of a half-hour traffic congestion.

Lunch these days are random, but mostly we have lunch at the food court, which is the most economical means of food on campus that we've found for now. On my first day I had a drink at Old Town White Coffee, second day we ate at the food court, on the third day I (solo) ate at the food court and we just had Subway sandwiches for brunch just now, and I'm already starting to get hungry again. =P Maybe I'll just go grab a quick bite later.

Yesterday was poop. There actually wasn't any classes for tomorrow, but at the end of our Intro to Media Workshop lecturer (a mad sexy lady with excellent English) informed us that we had a compulsary programme to attend the next day at 12pm for two hours. And so we attended. The 'programme' was divided into two parts, first one being about mind maps and the second one being about note-taking, both presented by different people.

The first part was interesting enough, but the second part had me nodding off since I didn't have my quota of coffee for the day. In fact, I didn't have any coffee at all.

Right now my eating schedules are disaster. I don't eat at a fixed time (I had a rough idea of when I get to eat at work) and usually will stay hungry if I suddenly get hungry in class. And if I do get let off from class early then I have to wait until around 5.30pm before I can go home, which is poop, if you ask me. =P

Anyways, I shall spend my remaining hour going through people's Facebook profiles and MSN Entertainment. =S

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