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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It's 7.47am at the Norwegian Sandwich Co. on TULC. My class starts at 10am. Why I'm so early? The one reason - I don't drive yet and have to comply with other people's timetables.

Today is Pink Wednesday (why oh why isn't it Pink Tuesday?) and today's theme is, as the name of the day suggests, pink. My dress code of the day? Quirky. Or not. =P My pink "Warning: Reckless Compulsive Shopper" T-shirt, the only skirt I own (which is a black layered skirt), silver strap wedges, a ponytail, black and white diamond-shaped layered alternating-color earrings (whatever the hell that means =_=), a scarf purse using a square silk scarf with Chinese characters all over it, and ... wait for it ... my pink, lens-less glasses. =X

I've mentioned the silk scarf on a previous post, with a link to it's video (by Michelle Phan and Chriselle), so scroll down and find it if you want it. =X The pink glasses ... have been hiding in my accessory stash for ages, which is around since the last few weeks of tuition at Wawasan last year. The reason why I suddenly took it out? Um, duh~ It's PINK!!!

Josie's long-time crush, Prince William, is getting married to Kate Middleton. They're a well-matched pair, both good looking and they just look right together. But seriously, Prince William balding even before he's hit 30? I'd think that being extremely rich and, well, royalty, he would have done something to deal with it. =X

Now I have 5 YouTube tabs on Google Chrome, so I'll prepare for an extremely laggy internet experience. =P

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I hate it that ...

... my home's internet connection is always fucked up. And also that the computer lab's MAC OS X keeps hanging on me. It's so freakin' annoying, and yet I can't find the motivation to bring my laptop to campus EVERY SINGLE DAY. Oh well, figures.

I just opened my Facebook page and ... WTH?! 73 notifications?! I never get that many over the weekend unless I'm having a spam war with someone. Some of the notifications are repeats, but in general there are so many of them! To be honest, as much as I'm flattered by the attention - *perasan-ing* XD - I'm seriously too lazy to check everything out. It's like 'X liked your status', then 'X, Y and x other people commented on your photo'. It's boring. =P Especially when it's not like I have the whole day to check every single notification. =P

The pervert just walked in the computer lab that my 3 friends and I are in. He looks like he's preparing for porn site surfing. Nah just joking. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn't, thanks to campus internet restrictions. He's across the isle from us, and I'm sitting AT the isle, so I can see what the hell he does on the internet.

Something happened last Thursday - I misplaced my new C6-00 at Starbucks on campus. I just put it down a while to pack up my laptop, then BAM! It was gone. I didn't hear it drop, even the few classmates at a neighboring table said that they saw me using it just now. We searched for a full 10 minutes but nothing came up, so I just called smexy, told him about it. He tried everything he could, but finally in the morning he got a call from Starbucks staff that my phone was found!!!

I literally ran to Starbucks and I didn't even ask how, where and when he found it, I just took it and left. Then I remembered - I have some ... *ahem* ... explicit messages in the phone and at that time I haven't found any way to protect my phone yet. And thank god 'cause if I did I wouldn't have got my phone back in the first place.

Smexy and I went to the Bukit Bintang area on Sunday. His problematic N82 required attention as it keeps restarting halfway through messaging and music. The staff at the Pavilion Nokia Centre said that it is a software problem, whereas the staff at The Gardens said that it was probably a battery problem. So he's now debating on whether to get the N8 or wait for other better models to launch. Since I'm not mobile-savvy there's nothing much I can do. =X

After Pavilion we went for lunch at A&W. There's a Sephora opening in front of Pavilion!!! *I know, that's super random* I haven't had A&W in ages, especially now that it's pretty hard to find a branch anywhere. I know that there's one opposite Amcorp Mall and another one at Bukit Bintang. And we know now why A&W isn't very successful in Malaysia - it's slow, taste and quality has deteriorated.

Then we walked through Sg Wang to Times Square, went straight up to Kivii and got TAKOS!!! One black and one white, the black one for him and the white one for me. Unfortunately I accidentally scratched my tako's face on the way to Pyramid yesterday. ><

My diaphragm and throat now hurts due to excessive pressure from yesterday's karaoke session at RedBox, Sunway Pyramid. Moral ed ended earlier than expected, and now I'm hooked on Each A Cup's Oreo Crush. XD

Remember what day it is? Oh yeah it's Dress Up Tuesday. XD Today's outfit: my pink V-neck empire waist dress paired with my blue wedges and hoop earrings. Makeup? Bronzed smokey eyes, and a rare treat: foundation. I really seldom use foundation 'cause I only have powder foundation and I tend to sweat up easily, which is also equal to smudged makeup. =P

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another boring day ...

... at TULC... After IMC class, we were basically given 4 hours of free time, which is one of the reasons why I brought my laptop to school today. After class we had lunch at Popi Popi Pizzeria, which sucks in terms of taste, price, and staff. The restaurant was basically self-service, but they still charged service tax. Eff them. =P

I was actually anticipating a trip to Pyramid today, but we stayed on campus to complete our MA assignment that is due on May 3rd. The assignment is a magazine article summary, but I think most of us are pretty confused as to how the summary should be. We've asked Mr Winston about this many times, but ... Oh well...

My expenses are soaring. I really have to do something to cut down on spending already. =P

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The title is just for melodramaticism, so just ignore it. =P Class started at 8am this morning, as usual. And remember something? Can you? IT'S TUESDAY, BABY! Remember what Tuesday is? No, it's not sandwich day where I have to give Pudge the Fish a peanut butter sandwich just because he controls the weather. That's Lilo. IT'S DRESS UP DAY!!!

The theme today was ... EMO. For some reason I just felt like doing emo makeup and wearing that long-abandoned emo-ish top of mine. And today I'm really wearing all-black - black top, black shoes, black eyes, black underwear as well. =X

And just at the start of tutorial class today, everyone was talking about the sudden cancellation of IMW class due to the lecturer's health. The famous Horny (name changed to ensure anonymity) is the talk of the March intake these days. Usually I wouldn't think twice about people like him, but he's just so fucking horny. He'd actually do anything to sit beside girls and stare at their legs and/or cleavage, without any effort of concealing his actions.

One of our girls, Vivian, has a slight reputation of being voluptuous and is usually in the attention of Horny. She wore something more demure than usual and he asked straight to her face: 'Why aren't you wearing hot clothes today?' He is the kind of guy who would ignore other guys in general, give the super hot girls (the thin ones who show all the leg and cleavage, and of course with a pretty face) all his attention and cast dirty looks to the rest of the girls.

Supposedly his ambition is to be 'the first Malaysian to become an international correspondent'. It's good to have high ambitions, but I feel that he's only doing this for the ladies. I just unblocked his Facebook page and looked at his wall and I was like ... O-M-G. His posts are all links about disasters around the world and loadcraps of political stuff which is way way WAY out of his field of education, though I do not deny that it is also good to know stuff about the world around you.

In short, he's a horny, attention-seeking asshole with no concern of personal space and I wanna have as little to do with him as possible.

On the other hand, I so so so so so so so miss my smexy~ >< It's just been 4 days and it's like I haven't seen him for a month. =P This weekend's plan has an extra activity: MAKEUP!!! He himself has been bugging me for it for over around 2-3 weeks, and the random makeup session has become joined with a contest to see who's the more emo. What's gonna happen is we're gonna make ourselves as emo as we possibly can, take a pic then post it on Facebook and let people vote for, let's say, 2-4 weeks?

Other than the emo pics we're also gonna have the multiple-expression photo booth-style pics, just for fun. XD Right now I'm just worrying whether my phone is gonna die on me. Battery life of my C6-00 is pretty short. It only lasted for two days both of them full of SMS-ing only.

At our last MA class, we were shown one of the video assignments made by our seniors, and supposedly it was the best of the semester (or something like that). The story talks about this group of 5 friends, who murdered one of the girl's father because he had been raping her since she was sixteen, and what happened after that.

Those seniors turned out to be Spellman Choy, my senior from secondary school, and Benjamin Tong, my mum's company's supplier's son. I actually had dinner with Benjamin's family before, and his whole nucleus family is tall. I mean 180cm+ tall. Another secondary school senior, Lum Jia Meng, was cast as a stuck up passer-by. The girl who was to act as the 'rapee' looked familiar, most probably another secondary school senior.

The short video was almost perfect - lighting, angles, special effects. The actors (students) were not bad also. Thumbs up to the group! You're my assignment idol~! XD

Feel like running off now, but mum doesn't get here until 5.30pm and I didn't bring my lappy. Rawr.

NAIL COLOR OF THE WEEK: Elianto's Bisque + Rainbow Glitter

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sultry makeup

I know that this is the kinda look that's all over blogs and YouTube, but what the heck. =P I whipped this look up in less than 5 minutes in my head, and another 10 or so minutes to get it on.

What you will need:
  • Concealer and/or foundation
  • Blusher and/or contour product
  • Eyelid primer
  • Dark grey eye shadow (for lining and brows)
  • Metallic black shadow (for winging)
  • Matte royal purple shadow
  • Shimmering white shadow (for highlighting)
  • Matte beige shadow (to help with blending)
  • Mascara and/or false lashes
  • Cosmetic lenses that give the smouldering look to your eyes XD
What you need to do:
  1. Prep your face with your normal skincare routine, then concealer and/or foundation. Remember to set the product with powder if you're using liquid.
  2. Apply some primer on your lids. This will help keep the shadow crease-free, help it stay on longer and make the colors even more vibrant!
  3. Take the purple and blend it all over your lid. Be careful though, purple is a tricky color to work with. The color should be lighter at the inner corners, darkening toward the outer.
  4. Use an angled brush and line the entire upper lash line with the dark grey shadow. Use the same color and same brush to darken your brows.
  5. Take the metallic black with the angled brush, and make a winged line starting from the centre of your lids.
  6. Get a blending brush, the beige color and blend this right above the purple, blending into the color a bit.
  7. Use the shimmering white to highlight the browbone and the inner corners.
  8. Curl your lashes and apply mascara and/or false lashes. Remember to coat the bottom lashes as well.
  9. Using a skin-toned blush or a contour product to contour your cheeks and nose.
  10. Finish off with a nude lipstick or gloss.
Why haven't I posted for more than a week? Here's why: I typed a freakin' long post than covered the events of a week, and when I clicked 'Publish Post', the internet (on TULC) failed on me and there went 50% of my post. As much as I enjoy blogging, I hate having to repeat myself. =P And speaking of which, I can't remember much of what happened the previous week. =P

I have finally went to listen to the 6 hour driving test thingy. Was unceremoniously woken up from my deep sleep to have to wait another hour before the guy came, which if meffing inconsiderate seeing as we woke up so meffing early to wait for him and not everyone is as free as they are. Anyway, instead of the 6 hours that was stated, we were there until around 3pm, standing under the meffing hot, tropical sun learning about the components of an ancient Perodua Kancil. =s

On Friday, smexy came at 7.30am, then we sat in the TV room watching Lilo & Stitch until 10+am, until I finally pulled myself out of his arms to get cleaned up for the date of the day. Makeup? Yes, I'll do a short, pictureless tutorial on that later. =P After I was done with my makeup smexy had some nice fun with my hair, using Gatsby. I'll have to admit, though from afar it didn't seem like much, the details were tremendous.

The day's date was Dutch, but he still paid for my transportation fees as well. I love him~ First thing we did was find a grab a nice coffee from San Francisco Coffee. I also love San Francisco Coffee, the reason being that they have this 'buy one free one' thing all year round, though only limited to Extreme Mocha and Extreme Latte. If you do take this promo then one coffee would be only RM8.30 max.

Then we proceeded to The Gardens, taking a look at phone accessories along the way to the Nokia Centre. The shopping list? Nokia C6-00, which is my new phone. XD The time we went to the Nokia Centre in Pavilion it was sold out, both the black and white one. At The Gardens, it was the black one that was sold out. And I find it kinda ironic - I love black-colored stuff, and would usually opt for black things, but I've never owned a black mobile before.

My first mobile (Nokia 2100) was blue, but I purchased a cheap, black plastic cover for it (which doesn't count), 2nd (BenQ-Siemens EF51) was white, 3rd (OPPO A105K) purple, 4th (Nokia N-Gage) blue-ish, and the newest one is white.

After that we went on a hunt for a ring + couple phone accessories + perhaps a new pouch to prevent my new phone from sustaining premature damage. We found the ring (again, apologies for the lack of visual aid, I'll put that in later), but we didn't find the other two. Maybe after a month we should make another trip to TS, where there are more of this kinda stuff, and better variety as well.

Anyway I have the coming Friday planned out: I dunno what time he's coming, but we're gonna have a MOVIE MARATHON!!! That is, after I've finished painting his face with 800 layers of eyeshadow. XD Just kidding, but it's a good chance for me to learn guy makeup. =) The movie list: History of the World, Sinbad and perhaps another few Disney movies. OMG I'm going back to my childhood!!! =X

Crap I just noticed that I printed two copies of the same document. == This so sucks. I'm gonna have to get a few folders to store my notes soon, plus a stapler for that matter. =P

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm running out of blog titles =P

Anyway it's 8.49am in the TULC library, where I am, once again, aimlessly surfing the net. Why I wore sandals to an almost fully air conditioned campus is beyond me. =s

I felt completely useless last night. The cause is unknown, but my dear had a bout of serious stomach aches, back aches and neck pains. I've tried that bout before (plus period cramps) and it was worse than hell. And yet all I could do was wait ... wait for the pain to go away. I wanted to be there for him, do what I can, rather than just sit around and wait.

I've gone through numerous obsessions with boys before, but this isn't an obsession. I don't know, but, this might be what they talk about in fairy tales and almost only happens in fairy tales - true love. Constantly wanting to be with your partner is common in couples, but in this relationship I actually worry about everything he does - what he eat, how he is, his relationship with his dad, etc.

Unlike with the other boys, I'm completely myself when I'm with him (though sometimes I'd wish he'd retort my comments every now and then), and he loves me, warts and all. And I could safely say that I do too. =) And god he's so meffing sexy. XD

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yet another day

... in college. The difference is, I finally know what group I'm in!! It's away from Swing and Mei Xuan - I'm in Group 2. Basically not a very social person I'm scared to death that I'll die of boredom/loneliness/criticism. =X

Oh yeah, I went for a double date on Saturday~! Destination? Around Sg Wang Plaza. But before all that we took a detour to TULC to pay for our tuition fees which were due, then went to Amcorp Mall to get my new LAPTOP!!! Originally what was recommended by my sexy lengzai was a Dell model from the Studio series, but as I got to Visioncom, Evonne recommended an Acer model (will post pics later when my home internet is working again, am currently working at a computer lab at TULC), which is pretty and works good enough.

My laptop budget (given by my dad) was RM3000. The laptop itself (which came with a carry bag, 1 year warranty and a cute mouse~) cost RM1899, and since I required ("needed" is too strong a word to be used here) an external hard drive, I got 1TB for RM399. I was so happy~ *sarcasm intended, though I really am quite happy*

So right after that mum dropped me at home so I could change and do some girl stuff. And a few moments later I was out of the house. My makeup for the day went haywire - the color combination was so wrong and the blending was sloppy, and I had to pull off my false lashes halfway through the trip (painful ~>.<~). I was resisting the ultimate temptation to rub off all the junk that was on my eyes, and yet he could still say my eyes looked sexy. *blush max*

We first picked Yiee from her house, then were dropped at the Bukit Jalil LRT Station, meeting smexy there. We took the LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan where we were to meet up with Joel, Yiee's other half. Something funny happened here: supposedly there was some miscommunication and smexy thought we were only going to take the LRT to BTS, then Joel was going to drive us there. And when Joel arrived I was feeling warm just seeing him - fresh out of NS and near-bald, he wore a snowcap.

The first thing we did when we got there was see whether there were Nokia Centres in Times Square and/or Sg Wang Plaza. Turns out both places didn't, but there was one at Pavillion. Anyway we went straight to Sg Wang Plaza after wandering around Times Square for a bit, and arrived at the ... on the first floor.

We spent around 3-4 hours there, and we (I) met 3 very friendly Russian guys despite their intimidating looks. One of them was kind enough to get a drink for every person in the shop. Anyway after spending so much time there, we went straight to Pavillion to (hopefully) get my new phone. And I shall curse every fucking thing for this - the model I wanted was sold out. I mean WTH?!

Anyway we then headed for dinner, which was originally smexy's choice (Carl's Junior) but he was overthrown by majority votes for a more economic alternative. In the end we had KFC for dinner, then rushed home.

For the entire day I could feel that he wasn't entirely happy, maybe it's because we didn't have much "alone time" as we would have liked, and something was just bothering him. As for me ... well, I felt that I was a bit harsh - the comments, the retorts, all that. I had the feeling that he wasn't entirely happy for the day, and I kinda find that my fault. =X

Anyway he was back on Sunday at my house, main objective to retrieve his headphones that he left in my scarf purse (I love Michelle Phan~) the previous day. Apparently he also brought his external hard drive to transfer some long-awaited music and videos since I have my own personal lappy now~

One thing led to another and we were basically laughing the night away about the little details that we noticed in the videos. It was a night that I would remember for my entire life~ <3 After 4 missed calls from his dad at around midnight, he finally left, getting home faster than I could've imagined. =X

Right now I'm back in college, waiting for my first ever tutorial class (English with Dr Antoon, a 52-year-old Belgian gentleman with a tendency to nag =X) at 12.00pm and rather aimlessly surfing through Facebook, deleting "friends" that I don't know.

Oh yeah~ And it's Tuesday, which means today is Dress Up Day. I stepped it up a bit from my daily wardrobe: muted purple bare-shouldered long sleeve top, my only pair of boot-cut jeans, subtle shimmer-ish green smokey eyes, Ferragamo Incanto Shine perfume and my blue strap wedges.

Nail polish is for every alternate week, and since I've had Shining Ebony (Elianto) last week, I'll give them a fest for this week and pick another color for next week. XD

Friday, April 8, 2011


Mr Wisely please beware as I plan to wear my heels tomorrow, as well as Gyaru-style(-ish) makeup and false lashes. I still haven't decided on what exactly I'm gonna wear yet, but for sure I'm gonna wear jeans. XD

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just another day ...

... in college where I have a more-than-4-hours gap between classes. Typically classes start at 8am which is supposed to finish 3 hours later, but this week we're constantly let out early. Nevermind that. I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do with these 3-5 hours except grab a bite then find a computer lab with my new buddies, or in reverse order. Anyway that's what we do everyday for now.

I shall officially claim Tuesday as my Dress Up Day, which means I'll allow myself to wakeup maybe half an hour earlier to dress, accessorize (properly) and use makeup, which I don't on most days 'cause I can't find the determination to wake up THAT early everyday. I've to wake up at around 6am everyday in time to prepare for school + get to school with a risk of a half-hour traffic congestion.

Lunch these days are random, but mostly we have lunch at the food court, which is the most economical means of food on campus that we've found for now. On my first day I had a drink at Old Town White Coffee, second day we ate at the food court, on the third day I (solo) ate at the food court and we just had Subway sandwiches for brunch just now, and I'm already starting to get hungry again. =P Maybe I'll just go grab a quick bite later.

Yesterday was poop. There actually wasn't any classes for tomorrow, but at the end of our Intro to Media Workshop lecturer (a mad sexy lady with excellent English) informed us that we had a compulsary programme to attend the next day at 12pm for two hours. And so we attended. The 'programme' was divided into two parts, first one being about mind maps and the second one being about note-taking, both presented by different people.

The first part was interesting enough, but the second part had me nodding off since I didn't have my quota of coffee for the day. In fact, I didn't have any coffee at all.

Right now my eating schedules are disaster. I don't eat at a fixed time (I had a rough idea of when I get to eat at work) and usually will stay hungry if I suddenly get hungry in class. And if I do get let off from class early then I have to wait until around 5.30pm before I can go home, which is poop, if you ask me. =P

Anyways, I shall spend my remaining hour going through people's Facebook profiles and MSN Entertainment. =S

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

College life

So this is what happened: on April 1st 2011, my mum and sis dragged me to Taylor's University wanting to sign me up for college after waiting for so long. Intakes are available in January, March, June and another month. Classes for the March intake started on the 4th and that's what I was signed up for.

Can you believe it? 3 WHOLE MONTHS OF PLAIN WORKING NOT PREPARING FOR COLLEGE AND SUDDENLY SHE WANTS ME TO START CLASSES, A WEEK LATER!!! I was hoping that she'd give me some more time and prepare for the June intake, but noooooo I've waited long enough. =P

So on 4th April 2011 (Monday), I started my first day of college at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus studying Foundation in Communication. On the day I registered, I attended a half-hour briefing on the programme I was taking, and I realized that the entire body of March intake was divided into Group 1 and Group 2, and since I registed extremely late, my name isn't on any list yet. Heck it isn't even on BlackBoard 7 yet, where all the notes and assignments and announcements are posted.

Anyway, today is only my second day and I'm already assigned to a group of 10 for a community service thing for moral ed. So far things are good, got some new friends, classes are also still okay. For now I've classes from Monday to Thursday, spanning from 8am to 6pm, some with 2-3 hour gaps in between, which really made me wonder what the hell I'm supposed to do in these empty hours. I spent those hours in the library yesterday, I seriously have no idea what I'm gonna do today. =P

Oh yeah, I haven't asked Mr Winston about my grouping yet. =P